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King Me

Nov 28 2009 | BPM: 76 | Producer: Adamack
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19 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Southern beat with orchestral sounds, guitar, and a high-energy vibe.

Genres: Dirty South

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19 Feedback to “King Me”

  1. Here is the track we did on this beat.

  2. Dude ! This shit is fucking dope ! I like how you did this one ! Again, u gotta make it available ! Please.

  3. this is s good beat man. your pretty good.

  4. Nice Im Lovin That Guitar Bruh.

  5. сначала как ужас))

  6. I like it after about 46 seconds, everything else before It I’m probably going to edit out when I record on this track

  7. i agree with alex though i def am usin this

  8. you know wat ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is amazing, you the best artiste here, keep it up mannnnnnnnnnn
    big peace from Morocco Afriqua……….;)

  9. k2indahouse ->

    i feel you

    the start was fine, but then it went down :)
    Hala-X is my favorite 2 tgether with slantize !

  10. adamack, is my fave new comer, but i wish hala x would drop a beat every week man, hala is my fave producer, next to 2deep and obviuosely the king, slantize

  11. im with 2b, i aint no noob, ive been on shadowville, using their beats for a year now, this beat isnt the best, but its not the worst, the start of the beat was legendary, shame it dint keep that pace.


  12. okay
    because i say what i mean, then im a noob ?
    i think, and again, I THINK, people got diffrent opinions ??
    is it just me, or … ?
    I dont like the beat, and thats it …
    and the point is not what i would do with the beat, the point is, i dont like it ?

    I guess youre 11.

  13. damn this is a very sick beat.. 2b is a noob and wouldn’t know what to do with this beat anyways so don’t listen to him


  14. Probalby the worst beats i’ve heard on this site.0/5

  15. i agree with alex its not what i was lookin for or expected at first but it was still 5/5 i loved it

  16. very nice :)))

  17. Honestly? I say you should’ve kept the intro/errie atmosphere, incorporated a nice piano roll, and put some grimey ass drums underneath the whole thing. I’m downsizing what it really is, because THIS is good, but I feel if you would’ve done somethign to ^that effect, this beat would’ve been ridiculously sickkker.

  18. NiCe

  19. hot stuff man, i like your sound
    more please :)

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