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Street Slang

Nov 29 2009 | BPM: 85 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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17 Feedback

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Heavy electric guitar beat with steady underground drums.

Moods: Angry, Frantic

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17 Feedback to “Street Slang”

  1. Somethin worthy of not is that this particular rhythm is very common in rap music. Look up Joe Budden’s “RIP” And Royce da 5′9″’s “Random Bars”. The former was made by J Cardim, the second by Aarab Music. While I think this pattern’s officially been done to death, it’s been used too widely to copywrite.


  2. bon jovi

  3. @ CaSh Flow - They sampled the same work, but The Unbeatables’ work does sound quite different from Inertia’s beat, and, in my opinion, is much better. So thumbs up for The Unbeatables! Keep up the good work.

  4. hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these guys completely ripped this beat from another producer called “Inertia”. I bought a beat from him last year that was damn near identical to this one, here’s the link for proof

  5. sad that no one knew it was from bon jovi runaway…great sample and flip for real…im just tryna come up wit a good concept and get hook/verse part of da beat figured out cuz even tho it ridin very little transition

  6. my bad *unBEATABLES* …5/5

  7. Wooooooo thanks shadowville. untouchables holdin it down for the hardcore artists

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  9. admack and 2deep? admack loves his guitar beats

  10. I think the duo is 2Deep and Slantize.. am I right?

  11. this is fire

  12. haha so this is a pretty sick flip it kinda sux cuz alot of people have remade that exact beat but its cool you guys. maybe you’ll start a new category called butt rock remixes.. none the less good beat and for marketing options you could bump butt rock beats out of a 85 firebird with your emblem on the hood cuz it would be very fitting.
    thanks for coming to shadowville <thats from the heart !

  13. Take a guess………………^^ ;)

  14. so it’s a duo of producers eh?
    which producers are part of this?

  15. another producer in the mix? hell yeah…you guys are pretty damn good keep this shit up

  16. The melody and drums are Kkkiller! Crazy.

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