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Walk Through Fire

Dec 02 2009 | BPM: 80 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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108 Feedback

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Uptempo, deep melodies with brass and pianos over east coast style drums.

Genres: East Coast

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108 Feedback to “Walk Through Fire”


  2. This like the perfect beat for an intro!! Dope af

  3. 我喜欢

  4. I love this beat , its eternally dope

  5. Pass

  6. so cool

  7. oooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaao

    here it is!!

  9. dope shit, keep it up

  10. thiz shyt is slappin i use alot of yalls beats i need to get on a personal level wit da famous beatgeekz yall are the best doin it on solute

  11. Yo this beat is fire if you have the time check out what i spit to it….


    check thisss out
    ignore my first comment

    @basketsoca, “This Video is private” dude u made some miostake


    check that outt

  14. :)))))) extraaaaa

  15. fireeee

  16. thought the beat was dope.. check out the link.. wont be waistin ur time.. …called it ‘writers ambition’..much respect..pce

  17. Really feeling this beat…Checkk out wat i did…

  18. I recommend this beat to anyone not willing to produce their own music, but looking to display it as their own in hopes of making a profit…seeing as how it’s been jacked several times now

    @Beatg33kz, Juss too dope not to jack I suppose.

  19. that´s my favorite beat
    I SWEAR!!

  20. 10/10 GJ

  21. Harika… Perfect…

  22. cool

  23. its aight…. couldve been deeper tho

  24. Contact address for a duet.
    m.ba2han @

  25. OMG… Not a scorch or a singe on the interior or exterior …exoskeleton in tack… Now all we need is some legitimate rotation… Houston confirmation we are in Earth’s gravitational pull & Orbit.. Houston we R on StanDBy…LeGO

  26. wut software du u use todd?! Respect :D

  27. wow…….. 10/10 = ]

  28. boahh ey digga ubelst beat man !!


    I killed this beat …. This is the low quality render !!

    Hope u guys like it

  30. Somebody please send me this beat to thank you so much.

  31. gonna create a monster to this one

  32. so cooooooooool

  33. LOL this is sickest shit i heard for a long time RSPCT Todd ! :)

    @nebutin, yes

  34. LOL this is sickest shit i heard for a long time RSPCT Todd ! :)

  35. Да это высший пилотаж!

  36. Craaazzzyyy Shit right there.

  37. very buenoo chek you toddy saludos

  38. this beat is crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy …justtt WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW……:))) keep up the good work …

  39. (listens to beat)(puts down headphones)…(walks away slowly)…this shud be the number 1 beat on shadowville…(wipes tear)

  40. Это настоящий класс!!!!!!!Улёт!!!!!Respect!!!!

  41. great!

  42. The tightness has landed

  43. worrdd! major props.

  44. fuck …………………..

  45. nice

  46. Perfect !!!!!!! 10/10

  47. Damn Todd I Love Your Beats I Listen To Dorrough Album Just To Hear Them Lol Can You Post something Similar To What You MAde For Him?

  48. i fucking love todds beats. most creative and original cat on here. his beats are like no one elses he got his own real unique style. space chops sound dope and drums r dope clean clear mix def.6outta5 lol

    @Equipped, yehh.. so dope!! lol

  49. would be crazy if yung texxus raps in this sick ass beat.

  50. Dope beat

  51. amazing!!!! sickest beat on this sight.

  52. i love this beat its realy good!!

  53. yo Todd u gots some ill beats. Imma touch this or smtg else soon. Lovin da vibes man

    Thats da kinda music I do tell me what u think

  54. 太帅了 这个真牛比!

  55. Jo man einfach KIlla Beat man

  56. Real nice work!!

  57. very, very, very nice!!!

  58. i love it

  59. I’m already writing to this Check My Page out
    My Name Is M.A.P

  60. Damnn !!

    F*cking nice!!

  61. my favorite beat1 love it i have a great song to this

  62. wtf this is very cool respect man!!!!!

  63. Nah seriously this beat deserves his place on the top 10…

  64. Hey yo , TOD here is one Albanian man , i have record some shit on this beat …

  65. potencia
    doble hh

  66. Good work man!!! Keep it up

  67. absolutely one of the best beats i have ever heard! keep it comin’

  68. this is a sick ass beat todd, damn

  69. IF SOME OF YOU WANNA CHECK THE BEST RAP PRODUCER OUT THERE COPY THIS LINK ! HE MAKES THE BEST BEATS IN WHOLE WORLD ! I KNOW YOU GONNA LOVE EM ! CHECK HIM OUT TOO, TODD HAMBURGER ! You Gotta Listen To Some of His West Coast Beats Or What ever u want.. theres no beat thats bad in his page..

  70. ddc

  71. sick beat man! keep it up!

  72. This is SICK !!!

  73. fucking fire!

  74. Good…Cool..;)

  75. this is crazy and sample smart stufffff, you and your beats crazy man, 5/5 :)


  77. What part of Texas are you from?

  78. absolutely not, i’m from texas.

    @Todd Hamburger,
    check it out brooo…huge fan of ur beats

  79. Todd , ure from germany right ?

  80. yes jigsaw, times have changed…clouds are shifting… if only you could make music that didn’t sound like verbal diarrhea

    @Todd Hamburger, Ahhh GETTEM, this beat is mastered for sure if you could send me a version with out the fill in at tha begining thatd be dope too I have OCD about that stuff and I really wanna hit this beat

  81. finally you made a tiight beat..

  82. a lot of your beats remind me of a circus… lol

  83. Finally not another angry beat, but just a classic beat. I’m getting sick of the dozens of angry beats, I like to see more of this man! It’s really good! 5/5 for you Todd. Well deserved.

  84. i like this. its different. and its hard as hell/. gj 5/5

  85. I come on this site a lot, but I have not written a single piece in the past 18 months, but this beat… its crazy man, you just made me write even though I don’t want to

  86. This beat is a number 1 fucking smash hit.

  87. Insanity, keep it up fam

  88. In my top 3 favorites on the site. Whoever buys this beat is gonna get signed, that simple! Keep beats like this coming, your stuff is crazy. ight im out, just thought id take the time to comment this one because how hot it is

  89. its aight….. lol… good job dude

  90. todd, i feel all the beats you put up on this site. fire homie!! this one here made me get off my lazy ass and post a review!!! keep em coming!!!

  91. 10/10

  92. No words can describe how sick this beat is…

  93. NO COMENT…..

  94. I heard Todds beat and i….. jizzed in my pants

  95. Fucken sick shit Todd! Very nice work! I got my headphones on and the bass is rattle’n my brain! SICKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

  96. dope.

  97. Wow ! Just amazin homeboy!

  98. thats because you people hear one beat, and judge an entire artists ablities to that one beat.

  99. Nice 5/5. Didn’t kno todd could do these kind of beats

  100. Im really feeling this.

  101. Oh…My…God!

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