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Chemical Reaction

Dec 04 2009 | BPM: 120 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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24 Feedback

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Double tempo beat with a frantic video game like melody and high pitched synths.

Moods: Dark, Frantic

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24 Feedback to “Chemical Reaction”

  1. i also took a little try on this beat.. check it out kiddiesss

  2. Love this beat!!

  3. I took a shot at this beat, check it out….

  4. I took a shot at this beat, check it out….

  5. This beat is definately amazing. I’m thinkin about usin this for a song to put on a modeling site. ♥

  6. this shit is madddd sick

    @tim treezy,


  8. manch beats gangsta union

  9. Luxus and beautifull beat.Your best

  10. HELL YEAH ! THATS WHAT IM TALKING AOUT ! WEST COAST FO EVA ! KEEP PRODUCIN THEESE BEAT ! I BET U HEARD MY MESSAGE HELL YEAH UNBEATABLE ! THANKS ! Im Lovin this kinda beat, not only what the other producers produce, ONLY FUCCEN SAD BEATS lol.. i want West Coast Shit like u got right here ! Good Work Homie..

  11. this beat is sick!!!!!!!!!! bought the blanket lease as soon as i hit play!! keep doin what you do i’ll drop it on the site as soon as its done!!!!!

  12. Everybody knows in the 4-0-2, that we represent our city, yea we represent our crew. Outsiders run and hide, when they see us ride by, throw your fists up in the sky, this revolution won’t die!!! 4-0-2!!! Demo up with this beat.

  13. I can’t drop nuthin to this, but dope as hell none the less…5/5* Maybe I’m a retard, but Imma keep my lyrics on the myk.

  14. this is some more futuristic west coast stuff…………NICE

  15. fuck all these retards this is perfect for me and its long too imma show you how a real nigga raps quick to blast as they lungs collapse in a trap makin you see black everytime i rap multi tripples feelin ya blood ripple while you get crippled haha need a new leg before its crystal clear devouring you with fear untill you hear which way it brings me here no tears makin all you dissappear on the frontier steady flaunted which want do you want it? bringin the speed with the pain all though ya brain locked up in chains only to swang i fuckin love it i want you as my producer lol hit these niggaz up wit a surgical sucha bitch niggaz dont make me shoot cha leavin you bitches loose 5/5

  16. 2/10, i dont like this one, very very bad instrumental and a sick drums, oh !!! shiiiiiiiiiiiit!

  17. Daaaamn -_-
    sounds bit like Electro Rock by Sworn at the start
    awesome work !

  18. i like it beside the snare, just wish it was a hair diff. tho other than that this is fire!

  19. work on yo lung capacity and those long kicks will be no problem

  20. you guys are murder, straight murder. keep it up

  21. ThE Unbeatablez are killin it!!!!! 10/5

  22. I fuckin LOVE this beat. OMG. Only issue… I find it hard to spit over the long kicks =(
    5/5 though

  23. i wanna be the first to say this song is sick as fuck. i was lovin it the second i pressed play. everythin you guys do is amazin anybody hatin on you is out there fuckin mind. im writin to this right now

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