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Can't Do This

Dec 08 2009 | BPM: 68 | Producer: Adamack
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18 Feedback

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R&B beat with mellow synths, piano, deep pads, and electric guitar on the hook.

Moods: Relaxed, Sad
Genres: R&B, Urban

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18 Feedback to “Can't Do This”

  1. Blood startin running cold heart started beating slow I’m hurt an now i know i’m loosing all control Jus let me know right now if time is up for me I only had one plan to stack up my money An now i’m trapped inside my mind is cageing me listen to my story good and u will finally see what i was ment to be i hope you understand why i have took this road world is a shadey gray an all the rain is cold can’t find one love for me neva had anybody an now i know i see what has been pulling me yup dats to get rich an just fulfill my dreams i’m feeling so confused my heart is so abused broken in many pieces using spacific tools to take a tole on me an now my life will frezze but i been hurt so bad that now i’m filled with ease I can’t figure it out wat will i ever need to show all of my people that they could have been pleased knowing that Vandre would finally succed yup an now they know that i done reached the peak
    x4 cuz i’m losing control
    -lost all of my love an can’t find my soul
    x6 cuz i’m losing control
    -lost all of my love an can’t find my soul
    Just first veres second one already done hit me up on facebook Kimani V Gresham

  2. You got my respect as soon as this started..

  3. nice

  4. check it out ..

    i had to do something to that track


  6. ;)


  8. tight as hell

  9. Love you ’shadowville’ :)

  10. shit , damn good. tan.x bro

  11. damm..respect..nice..

  12. You got talent bro… definatelly will do something great…

  13. shum i mir bab

  14. qera

  15. i like this beat i think a female artist would sound great on this when that piano kicks off that shit is so fuckin sick

    vote adamack for best new producer

  16. Luv diz .. plz keep makin beatz like diz one 10/10 .. respect

  17. Okay…
    I guess you read all the comments for your last beat, i think it was.
    Because you totally made me forget about it.
    This beat is great. Very very nice job.
    I give u 5/5. Imma rate it right now.

    Thanks for sharing this. Its beautifull.

  18. 10/10!!!! love this beat!! =] i have no more words…its just damnn gooddd

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