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Lost In This Maze

Dec 08 2009 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep
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56 Feedback

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An emotional, reminiscent style track with pianos and bells over a deep bassline.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: East Coast

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56 Feedback to “Lost In This Maze”

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  2. heights arouse the sights I found stars bring nice things from afar to right you are flying in a car
    circles of miracles listen to whispers of a oracle born to storm below your ever warned to know Fire Sings Nice with a slice of wings I offer the Devils Daughter these things
    they say True Love Stings enough to open up through the dings on her wings sing as she clings Kings of angels worn crowns of thorns around a demon that jings a Bell to hell I Fell for You
    you can Tell I am Truly due to Bless you thoroughly threw I’m sure you knew well Assure of who God Grants grand plans that Land in hand please plant your steps to man in advance of dance bring me a spell to dwell in hell If I Fell For you your welcome to come with the Fire of the sun singe these friends for they binge I will not cringe when winds change migratory rain came
    a heavenly pain stained the window of opportunity I gained aim at the Light My Goddess of fire
    Fly bright right above the Light they love you sit tight high as might I sight the flight of a dove
    smoke trails as Love set sail i got my arms wide open Glide through the skies of the ocean
    float on the clouds of sound I am wow nde around that beauty of her eyes Love the sights
    hun you make me hum when we come together let’s share happiness with your magic ness
    I am happy with this wish You Won me From chants of spirits as I hear it so fearless
    I Hide in my mind trying to find the Signs of Times, …
    Eyes align this Life of Mine as I write Line x Line
    Light it will shine from these designs of my Rhymes, …
    Time it has given in to sin, giving me a forbidden way of Living, once again

  3. I Hide in my mind trying to find the Signs of Times, …
    Eyes align this Life of Mine as I write Line x Line
    Light it will shine from these designs of my Rhymes, …
    Time it has given in to sin, giving me a forbidden way of Living, once again
    … …

  4. I Hide in my mind trying to find the Signs of Times, …
    Light it will shine from these designs of my Rhymes, …
    Time has given in to sin for me giving me my way Living, … …

  5. Bass sure is amazing. Taste pure its placed in it’s purest place. The cure is laced with a mirror of music. I hear a way to use it to steer a wheel of fun dance in son peel Huns mazes get real fun. Prints scent out smell victorious route. Amazed the way abouts I play my way out the way they say doubt you will figure your way out

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  7. how do i buy this beat ?

  8. THE BIT IS SICKKK,ADD ME PLS pls i need beat for my song…plsss :)))

  9. is the best beat…..!

  10. WHY?!?!?!?!?! this beat is so damn GOOD!!!! man!!!

  11. Good beat, add me please

  12. sounds good

  13. hey men

    is good beat i need beat good beat :D :D add me mexico (san luis potosi) i need beat plz…

  14. Great beat 2deep one of the best.
    All you Shadowville killas check out my version ( Love Song) @

  15. plszz how can i buy of fucking download this beat i lovee it plsz tell me.

  16. sick as beat wish I could afford to own it and make some cash off it
    Used it and named it ‘My Love Song’ check it out its a dope track@

  17. awsome 5/5 i always feel said when i listen this but good beat

  18. Dude you’re beat are not outta this world u make the crazy shit in Shadowville thats 4 sure ! 9,8/10 the kick is a little bit to loud but all other effects are awesome !

  19. damn man shits it tight i can actually get some feelin from ur shit

  20. ur the mothera fucking shiittt yyyaa diigg.?!??!

  21. GOOD SHIT !!!!

  22. very nice .!

  23. nice

  24. 10!

  25. i love this shit but i cant dl it to record it keeps sending me to the recent beats page



  28. This beat is sick ima make somethin good otua this

  29. You have the best beat base on this site. Provs to you and your team if any! keep up the stuff and just a suggestion.. some positivity as well… not that the dark sad stuff is not good.. Thanks

  30. very good , by argentina :D

  31. Lost in the maze of the past, present, future days, the tidal waves between a man and what could be a phase, it doesn’t phase me but what I feel bad about these days, is attitude not give a fuck could be a bad trait, I’m on the train thinking a train of thoughts about my ways, could be that I’m in love or I just couldn’t care hey, my spectrum changes as the days go by I’m careless, I wanna love you but for me its not painless, you wanna see me all the time, u wanna be around me, u wanna smother me, u cannot be without me, so here’s the picture, I’m with a man that’s on a radar distant, and for some reason that’s the only shit that make me listen, I’m fucked up in the head, you listening? You wanna be a part of what could be history? My present is a gift, it’s so realistic, my past left so now I’m left with futuristic

  32. Whats good 2Deep, just coming thru to show love… I got something to Pitch Black if u wanna hear, came out sick… I just finished writing to Lost in the maze… S!CK.. Lovin it ;) Hit me upz lemme know if u wanna hear some of the work to ur beats.. 1L, Ms.B

  33. Really go0d

  34. SOOOOOO NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. thx dissee beat is sooo good demit i love it !!!

  36. NICE!

  37. good ;)

  38. the beat very good…i must go to my studio with them ;)

  39. this beat is alright when it started i expected a more powerful drop but good shit anyway

  40. thiz beats ill alright… digg what mr. al did wit dat shit. 5/5* for 2-deep and mr. al… Not jockin, just statin my opinion. ha ha yeeeah

  41. G R E A T!

  42. track is tight man keep doin u

  43. y’all should check out the song I made to this beat, which Scorpio oh graciously gave me props on. “Dancing Snow”

  44. Its hot as hell !!
    I like those kind of beats.
    But I keep thinkin that a lot of your beats is the same.
    It gives me kind of same feeling, so i could write about the same over and over.
    Imma rate 5, but only cause its hot hot hot !!
    but on the other hand, i still think it reminds me of so many of your other beats.

  45. yeah yeah 5/5

  46. SO Mothefuckin Hot..:) My first Review cuz it’s made me wirte a verse .:) so hot dope 5/5 Keep doin this shiT1

  47. its getting cold out there but it’s aight bro, I can only feel ur music. 2Deep Shadowville it’s writen on my wall

  48. this is pretty dope
    i made a lil floww to it haah

  49. still remember this beat as to Mr. Al’s “Dancing Snow” btw very cool song Al .
    But yea, once again excellent job made of 2Deep .

  50. I love this beat. Did a song to it a month ago when it was posted on his soundclick.

  51. wonderful!i luv it..!

  52. dam son

    i swear to god, 2 deep is 2 deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep man, his beat patterns are by far the best in shadowville, man i wish i had nearly enough cash to buy all his beats hahahahah make a fucking banging album woulndt you say

  53. there we go! Beat is FIRE! I made a good choice in making a song out of this beat…

  54. omg u are a genious men!!! i love this beat!!!

  55. damn this is tiight dude, straight to #1 thats wut im talking bout! OMG I LOVE THIS!

  56. DOPE. This made me give a review.. and this is the first review I’ve done. 5/5 no doubt. :D

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