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Jan 07 2010 | BPM: 90 | Producer: The Unbeatables
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28 Feedback

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Stuttering strings blended with deep bassy saws and various synths over heavy hitting drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic

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28 Feedback to “Flatline”

  1. Good night dear.
    The payment was made for this product and it came as a different file, please solve this question.

  2. WTF!? this is Hala Beat. Whole BEAT not just a sample, whats going on guys?


  4. THIS IS HALA-X BEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!! STEALERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Really nice!

  6. the melody resembles chuck mangione’s children of sanchez :P

  7. fuck you all vera indio estilo!

  8. templero sureno trece numero uno!

  9. great beat

  10. That was realy good work. Goin’ on!

    @mike.prisoner, HOW DO I SEND A MESSAGE TO SUM1?

  11. all the lot saying this is shit are probz kids n shit man! hot fuck the haters!

  12. this is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy great jobbb

  13. aye shadow, recording this shit this weekend man. look out 4 it

  14. i duno what you kiddies are taken about, this is a dope beat, and only someone with a dope as flow could rip it up. this has that classic feel to it. I will give ita shot

  15. wtf?????? this beat is fuckin sick!!!!!!! with the right rap you can blow a fuckin hole through the industry doors on some real grimey rap industry shit. gimme a week or 2

  16. pretty good beat 2 me… i can pretty much rap on n-ething( no boast intended) but i find it a good listen and a great write…

  17. freddy123 ->

    i wrote it wrong …
    i SUCK at beats, but i kick ass at rap!
    just see the different, thats what i vote this beat on.
    and ofc. u havent heard my shit.. i rarely rap english, im arabish, then why would u know haha..

    aight hola

  18. the beat went flat,is that the point of it,if so point taken my g,my music at,,

    any bone can visit me there and sign the guset book, and even becomee a member on my page,ill display their song in the unsigned artist colum,spread the good newz homie, the beats bangin,dont know wht these foolzz talkin about…

  19. Big Up man

  20. take credit*

  21. @2b, are you saying you are one of the best to rap? hahahahaahahahaha, i haven’t even heard your shit and you seem like a douche. A true lyricist is modest and don’t credit if not asked to

  22. sorry, but this is dissapointing…. too much off the flow… that synth should follow the drum line….

  23. yeah, its weak.
    i never liked The Unbeatables’ beat, maybe 1, but no.
    Its so simpel, like a noob could create such a beat.

    I’m more so Sinima, Slantize and Hala-X.
    They always got a little surprise , this beat is nothing.
    I might be the worlds baddest to make beats, but one of the best 2 rap, and this is weak.


  24. i know these are free..but this is weak…come with some heat man

  25. a while*

  26. I honestly lost myself in this melody.
    It took me a realize the drums had kicked in.
    Very good beat.

  27. haha first!!! not bad but not the best from you guys. diggin the gritty drum line but the constant wa wa wa from whatever it is through the whole song gets a bit much. i give this a 7/10

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