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Jan 17 2010 | BPM: 89 | Producer: 2Deep
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12 Feedback

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Dramatic string beat with heavy bass and drums.

Moods: Dark, Epic

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12 Feedback to “Gangland”

  1. that’s the real underground work man u should back like that again

  2. perfect in every aspect start to finish. whole beat is solid as fuck mad props on this composition brings out a lot of feelings necessary for legit music these days

  3. Amazing

  4. that drop at the beggining is sick as fuck not to sure about the chorus personally but im thinking its a grower in anycase its on my list of must use beats haha

  5. good :)

  6. had to replay this beat 3 times over
    this beat brought so much inside of me to the surface
    5/5, not many beats can do this

    2deep is 4 real

  7. this shit is fucking HARD


  9. @ vicious19
    Let him do what he does best, 2Deep makes hot underground instrumentals. Period. Holler at somebody else for your ”WEST COA$T SHIT”. Don’t go telling SVP producers what they should do…

    Anyway, i like the beat, especially the chorus.

  10. ^Gtfo.

    And this is pretty ill, but idk, it seems like it’s trying to do too much?

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  12. anotha slap producers need to step they game up 2Deep is killing yall
    but 4real 2Deep like i said b4 make sum WEST COA$T SHIT since u da best i bet u could make a fucking slap wid sum west coast stuff ‘ya no

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