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In Love Again

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 80 | Producer: hala-X
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57 Feedback

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Urban drum and bell beat with a fresh vocal hook.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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57 Feedback to “In Love Again”

  1. had to do something on this it’s too sick

  2. yo this shit right here is serious.actually almost everything ive heard so far from you is a real mc with a real mcs ear for the truth.i would like to wrk with you on a project one day.

    check me out

  4. Hype ting

  5. i would love to buy this beat if u have it without the vocal hook ?

  6. soo good
    look an amatuer raper.

  7. nice fuck

  8. Lol i fucking love this shit. keepit up fam

  9. NIce shitt

  10. this is probably my favourite beat on shadowville.. had to write to it. check it out:

    RiS - In Love Again

    @ris, Co-sign. Always been my favorite beat on SVP.

  11. Sick shit homie

  12. idare eder ;)

  13. hok hay

  14. big ups to hala x…. i really need to get in contact with u

  15. great job !!!

  16. un saludo de mallorca pa este killer del beat. krd manda jaja

  17. bro you need to do something with 2deep

    @jason phipps,


    @kew c.r.e., co-co-sign

  18. sik beat bro….

  19. will be using this beat for the make-a-hit contest

    i don’t even have to rap, just say a word.. the beat itself is already a hit.

  20. pretty sick beat is missing something tho

  21. sounds JUST LIKE the beat to All Things Go by Chiddy Bang, just slower.

    @mtownballa, nevermind, it basically is that beat. i just heard the chorus haha

    @mtownballa, Hala joint kinda better tho.

    Can moisterize more panties

    -Kew C.R.E.

  22. ay this go hard the sample is just right it sets a mood in yo head good job man


  23. replay

  24. this is a good sound

  25. I’d like to hear some beats that are like “relapse” by eminem and dre… this urban style is somewhat like that, show us what u got homie! keep doin ur thang, and i do gotta say i could def hear lil wayne flowin on this track.

  26. This beat is tite, its origional and easily flowable to… very nice job!

  27. On a 1 to 10, dis a 9million. Puttin that sample on the beat had 2 have u boppin ur head off ur sholders in the process.

  28. Cool!

  29. man this beat is fresh

  30. In love again, My heart bebop,
    like hop scotch, im 1 foot standing..
    cause ur love in my life, is demanding..
    outstanding, i fly above to touching on ur hearts landing
    all without lovers, couldnt imitate..
    if they tried finger jamming,
    those who try to touch this..makes no sense..
    why everybody..hating on this..debating on which..
    might break us apart..but we gone roll like film,
    if u play the right part..u my favorite candy sweet, or tart..
    this is my love card, i heard Air waves, is better than hallmarks
    my heart WAS pitch dark, till u came in, and gave my life spark..
    like transformers all spark, electric between us,
    we blowing off the engery charts, now making enemies start..
    cause many girls, wana be friend me for the thought..
    tht i’ve already processed, EVERY girl in the world wana mock this.
    But u cant strap on and jock this..Cause im in love again..
    im in love my friend..i got different sentiments..

    lol im boutta record this..this a song for my girl, even tho the beat kinda menicing lmao

  31. keep em comin dude

  32. yo shit’ bananas X keep dem bangers coming son

  33. SOOOOOOOO ILL!!!!! 5/5


  35. Beast.

    Hala-X for president

  36. dooooooooooooooo ( deep breath) oooooooope!

  37. holy shit hala thank you
    this is exactly what i was lookin fo and i bout gave up on it

  38. Yeah, lopinto got the chorus lyrics right..

    Glad Y’all like it..

  39. Darkest, Dopest Beta ive ever heard this is one hell of come back Hala X!

    God damn and the chorus just Killed it Sicka Than The Black Death homie!

    i agree, this might b the best beat i ever heard

  40. somebody rap on this mutha fuckin beat

  41. It’s sampled from Sulfjan Stevens - Chicago. Lyrics are rearranged a bit from the original:

    “I made a lot of mistakes - in my mind, in my mind. I made a lot of mistakes - in my mind. I made a lot of mistakes - in my mind, in my mind. I fell in love again - all things go, all things go. We had a mindset - all things know, all things know. We had to find it - all things go, all things go.”

    Ridiculous flip.

  42. Beat is amazing , I actually trying to realize whats the hooks lyrics but in vain. Like it saying ” i made a lot of mistakes in my love in my love ( 3x ) i fell in love again , after that i cant realize .. Is there anyone who will HEAR better and write the lyrics ? ^^ 5/5

  43. Dude, honestly I usually don’t like your beats due to their overall underground sound but u totally won me over with this

  44. great 10/10

    what is the hook lyrics ?

  45. man, hala, i love u dude!

    ur the best, keep em coming, my man!

  46. i lyk dz beat,is amazing………………….

  47. damn homie lovin this one the rhythm is nice love that bass hit hookz nice great work doo
    keep em comin. 5/5

  48. damn this is a relief, very refreshing..

  49. this shit is fire love this beat

  50. WOOOOOOOO!!!! Hala thank you for shown ya face again and droppn this amazing beat.. i was in need of this… St8 fire

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