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Against All The Odds

Jan 30 2010 | BPM: 140 | Producer: 2Deep
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37 Feedback

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Slow, dark bell melodies with heavy hitting saws and double tempo drums with a bit of guitars.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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37 Feedback to “Against All The Odds”




  3. this is the shit i will love to write to it. dam it so clear and chill please make more get at me boss

  4. so beautiful….

  5. نااايس

  6. anyway i can get my hands on this beat?

  7. all cool

  8. 2Deep you make the best beats in shadowville


  10. çok qüzel beatler bunlar :)

  11. nsı ındrcem beat sperr

  12. iyi

  13. Full track recorded on this instrumental (non-profit promo only)

    it’s a UK style - hope you like it!

  14. i wish i can get this song :(

  15. i’m gonna create an electronic monsta charge genre song to this beast

  16. 2deep bangs out like no other best producer at shadowville hands down.
    Check out My version titled “Against all odds” @

  17. how can I download this? I ain’t gon’ sell it or something it’s to try to record something

  18. thanks bro i like this beats
    mad rhymes

  19. Nice,but its from an old hungarian band, Omega. Type “Omega-Gyöngyhajú Lány” in youtube,and there it is.

  20. I’m lovin this

  21. iraqi scarface yea mane as long as its for non profit break a leg as they say….i rember when i first heard this on your soundclick i went nuts i love this i could tell a good story

  22. hey man nice ass beat. but i can use it for ma lyrics right? its just that i cant take money for ma song right but other wise its fine. right

  23. fuckin raw main……….

  24. This is the same beat and/or melody of the song by Wiz Khalifa “Buss Down” check that out also a good song. This is honestly just the smallest bit different, but not necesarily a bad thing. Bomb ass beat bro.

  25. what it is from S.C first time on da site gotta say this is some fire son keep em comin deep u nasty yez zir

  26. what it is from s.c first time on da site an dis was da first thang i heard 2deep u nasty son keep them beats comin son u sick wit it

  27. @DJ Trueblunt… Lol, 2Deep isn’t from the eastcoast.. He’s from another country actually.. He don’t live in the United States.. His myspace says he’s from Bitburg, Germany..

  28. and what part of the east coast are you from…if you keep putting out fire like this then we gotta get you into the studio

  29. That was really good what do you use to make your beats? an mpc or some type of program?

  30. I heard this ALOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.. And its still amazing.. Great work as allways 2deep! 5/5

  31. this some g shit nikka keep makin shit like dis and you will get custos up da ass

  32. 2deep ->

    probably it wasn’t my advice that made u make this beat.

    but FINALLY ! I’ve been waiting for something like this in a long long time now, your other beats is good as hell, but i think it was almost all the same.

    and this one is crazy !!!
    no doubt my favorite until now !!

  33. really good best beat so far 4 me

  34. thi is the Omega hunagary group sample

  35. Compared to what you’ve been releasing recently, this is good.

  36. HOLY SHiT !

  37. amazing

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