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All On Me (With Hook)

Jan 31 2010 | BPM: 79 | Producer: Adamack
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49 Feedback

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Southern beat with horns, choir, and an epic, energetic sound. Mark on the hook.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring
Genres: Dirty South

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49 Feedback to “All On Me (With Hook)”

  1. PLEASE SEND ME THIS BEAT! thank you so much, i have something written thats gona b fire, im not looking to sell the song or anything, just making something for myself, i’ll return it once its recorded for you to have a listen, thanks again, beatz biiiiiig!!!

  2. send to me please

  3. send to me please

  4. send me please the beat—

  5. Any1 have this beat please send it to me thank you

  6. this is one of adams good ones

  7. BirdLoc want this

  8. did someone purchase this beat? because if not i would like a copy of it. i have heard a bunch of sloppy songs with this beat and it needs to be done right, the producer is amazing. if you havent sold it hit me up.

  9. what does the hook says?

  10. a mane its the one and only c.e.o promoter and that wat i like send me a beat when u can yooooooooooo.

  11. its fine

  12. i need that adamack

  13. i would kill this track…. point black if you got this beat and half assed on it kill your self this track is hard

  14. ooooooo shit!!!i love this…i am from spain and i would like to use this please if its possible contact me;

  15. i ts cool

  16. yo adamack did this a while ago wit dat i was likin the direction man thought id post

  17. Marka is the number one…after adamack, what does the hook says? (sry 4 my english)

  18. i need da lyrics of the hook from dis beat!

  19. This is by FAR my favorite from you.

  20. guys…i want the lyrics of the chorus…some one write it down please

  21. adamack can i buy an exclusive for this beat?

  22. Hey Adamack, can you email me,Ii am interested in one of your beats. thanks so much.

  23. yo im a rapper in da south(louisiana) ur tracs are hot c if u cant make wit dat dude on da hook

  24. The information you have received is incorrect. I have not sold exclusive rights to this beat, and I am still the owner of it. I have leased it, but I still own the rights.

  25. U have sold this beat before and i think its bad of you to put it up on here aswell.

  26. I w6as planning to use this beat but than another rapper contacted me and told me he has bought this beat of u so if thats true its really bad of you to publish it on here.

  27. its straight lol.

  28. apology that came so much times stuck

  29. hey i want the lyrics

  30. hey, i want the lyrics:)

  31. hey, i want the lyrics :)

  32. holy sh*t i love this and i just made a whole song to it and i even gave you your points adamack:) i would like you to hear what i made!

  33. i love your beats mane and with marka on the hook its a wrap keep it up and keep the hits comeing

  34. or full price witchever get at me an i will be buying your songs with hooks regularly at 99.99 to 1000.00

  35. supa chill brothsa keep makin songs with hooks and im planing to pay 750$ on one

  36. Nothing else to say but this is banging!

  37. This shit is a fucking banger!! I will put a a damn good german lyric to it and storm every ear ;) Go on Adamack!

  38. dude, you’re awsome

  39. the lyrics ??????

  40. take lyric me ?

  41. And now I did drop somethin on this.

  42. Frere cest de la putain de qualité je la prend jvais la kické CVR aie aie aie R-DOOZE braaaaaaaaa

  43. Dope sh*t.. Marka is fire on the hooks and your beats are always nice. I’m prob gonna finally hop on one of your beats and this is prob gonna be it.

  44. dope shit as usual, and a who always duz ur hook? is dat u?

  45. i fuck wit ome more than shadowville cuz of the styles of beats adamack dont sell yourself short homey you and vybe need to do some shhit cuz yall shit is bangin and both yall fuck wit marka ya shit is always on point

  46. what is the lyrics of the hook?
    i loved it!

  47. Im a female By the way

  48. You never fail to amaze me… THIS SHIT HOT you should let me get up on a hook next time you do a beat

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