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End Of My Journey

Feb 09 2010 | BPM: 84.5 | Producer: Slantize
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132 Feedback

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A blend of country guitars and steady hip hop drums with a splash of orchestral instruments.

Genres: East Coast, Urban

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132 Feedback to “End Of My Journey”

  1. Wanna dwnld dis

  2. Does anyone knows the guitar tab for this beat?

    Music Video I made to this beat

  4. hey, I’ve made a lyrics for my mother, and the best beat possible to use I can find is this one, could you PLEASE send it to me? it will not be used for any comercial thing or profit. just for my mum. Thanks!
    this is my email:

    @gewoonyerro, my account is still in use, I really need the beat, hope you can send it to me!

  5. my music video to this beat.

  6. Beautiful.

  7. nice beats

  8. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  9. check out my channel,subscribe!

  10. very nice work



  12. isnt this from the song Whiskey lullaby??

  13. Hey Man Look Wat I do with the beat
    La Vida Es Una mision Santo Domingo Konsept And me Neko From Venezuela
    you already know man we in contact for make business

    @manuel.a.c, Spanish Version

  14. epic

  15. also posted it on ur facebook but lemme kno feedbak appreciated

  16. Awesome beAT…


  18. this song make me relax…very good

  19. dude,sick!

  20. nice’

  21. sorry here is the correct link

  22. I used this beat, check it out!/wilmorte

  23. i love this beat i wish i had money to buy it from you
    i could spit sum sick nasty stuff to this

  24. Cumali Etraf - Canım Ve Sıkıntısı Paröasını Söylüyor bu beat la teşekkürler

  25. really captures emotion and energy flow… very sharp mortal precision and a real decent funeral on the out … much respect Master Slantize

  26. nice sample 5/5

  27. hah sup Slant

  28. Woooooooo Love it Man ooooooooooooooW

  29. Var ben türküm :)

  30. yo this is sampled from whiskey lullaby.

    sick ass track.

  31. lovv itt :D

  32. aranızda türk yok mu yavvv

    @bomba1866, Tabiki var :)

  33. Unbelievable Mayn..luuuuh dis!

  34. my favourite from this year!

  35. dam its killer dude

  36. auuuuuuuuu great one!!!!

  37. hello i’m new mem


  38. this beat go hard in the paint

  39. this beat is ill man, freaking beast man.

  40. i love what you did wit this beat my name is j flow hit me up some time

  41. mean mean :)

  42. i really like the guitar and the world play could be sick in this song…. the beat plays deep….

  43. love it man

  44. wow best instrumental on this site 4 sho!!!

  45. Yawl Slant’ Grat job man, keep it up

  46. this beat is fuck1n’ insane. i love it. regards from romania!

  47. dammmm

  48. #1 on shadowville tho????……C’mon.

    Kew C.R.E.

  49. sick beat man!!! the best one on shadowville so far! wrote a song to it yesterday!

  50. very nice

  51. Sick beat man very nice

  52. i bet it’s an amazing feeling having fans from all over the world eh? who woulda thought…

    @jswain001, It really is!

  53. excellent job to the cover of whiskey lullaby tho great props on that, hit me up on my email wanna talk to you bout me usin tha beat to a hott song get at me..

  54. goodjob man

  55. <+++ Kilt THis Beat

    @blackoxx, dope track homie, check out, terror mob, on youtube, peace fam from the uk

  56. wow honestly my fav beat on this site, so much emtion this is deep makes u thnk bout real shit n everythmg dats going on in the world. guitars r amazing u made em sound so clean n full n ur drums go perfect 2 this couldnt possibly ask 4 nethng more, u can tell u spent sum time on this one mix is clean hook is dope, strings towards the end r nice n dem pizzicato strngs r dope

  57. WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW ,

  58. Yeah this beat is dope…….if u rap about pussy shit

    @kew c.r.e.,

    You really dont know anything about lyricism do you?


    He must be one of those Soulja Boy type people..

  59. GJ)))

  60. oolllaaalaaaaaaaa——super beat:-)

  61. Sick melody 5/5

  62. spr beat beeee :D

    @spinoza, hehe :D cak cak qitsin beat yok dram mk :D

    @spinoza, türk bi ben varım sanıyom sende varmı beat başkaa

  63. very good beat… they well are listening to it.. I am greeting Polish rapper from the centre

  64. awsooomee !!!!!!!! best beatmaker eveeeerrr !!! =]

  65. Bruh, I freakin luv dis joint ryt here. Whiskey Lullaby! U totally killd dis! Big ups mahn. I wanna hear more!

  66. very good , i like this beatmaker.

  67. The best beatmaker !
    You are a genius !
    Bye !


  68. para mi, uno de los mejores beats que he oido nunca
    –>for me, one of the best beats I’ve ever heard

  69. this song is powerful you can feel a struggle where happyness is trying to break the sadness good job

  70. aint this a sample from a country song

  71. perfect

  72. very very good

  73. feelin this shit homes forreal

  74. Killa Beat yall, it has a good flow to it, powerful background stuff 2, makes it all come together ya heard!?

  75. Kullllllllllllllll Coollllllllllllll ccoollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!serbia puno pozdrava

  76. dis beat is bangin man big up’s well done


  78. its good becouse most of it is parts of a song called (Whisky Lullaby by Brad Paisley)

  79. i bet half of these people couldent even tell you the original version of this song. thanks by the way ive been trying to redo this song forever but you done it better. maby now i can finally write some of the shit down in my head to it. keep em comin homie, the south is gon respect that one.

  80. hiiiiiiiiiii

  81. Now that´s some real shit right there. Think my voice would carry this beat. I´ll see if I have the time to hit som bars //Z

  82. Now that´s some real shit right there. Think my voice would carry this beat. I´ll see if I have the time to hit som bars /Z

  83. awesome

  84. thats fuckin hard cuz i appreciate all music u killed this shit

  85. awesome!

  86. BURR ! hahhaaha

  87. 10/10

  88. whisky lullaby dats hard as fucc cuhz no bullshyt

  89. 100/5 My dude this bumpin keep making them good beats ima be waiting to hear more of your beats

  90. LFMAO ! nice one !

    pls keep goin with ur beats :P u took enough break dude !

    waitin for some epic beats !

  91. 5/10
    itz straight mayne .

  92. hot shit. actually wrote something to this today. might do some reocrding in a lil bit.

    5/5. hot shit

  93. insane track, big ups from sweden!

  94. I loved the way that you fused whiskey lullaby into a rap song. It’s….it’s incredible 5/5

  95. its good but leave whiskey lullaby a country song not hip hop 7/10

  96. Im kinda dissapointed that you ripped off whiskey lulaby, its almos excatly the same, all you did was change the drum sound really, and put the beat all throught the song, i like but… ya know what i mean

  97. holy damn man, this is amazing. any chance u can tell me how u got that guitar sound?
    like if you used a vst or a soundfont or somethin?

  98. This Is The Shit Ive Been Waiting For Thanks Slantize Keep The Hits Comeing

  99. wow this is sickkk i bet this gets sold soon.

  100. Slantize…I have been useing shadowville for a long time…and I give u a 10/5 on this one…Great fucking work, if I knew you I’d give you a pat on the back

  101. stammerman, are you for real? ever hear of sampling? i continue to be amazed

  102. Perfect….

  103. this is heart breaking beat… GuD sLant.,..

  104. i hold my head to the sky im wondering why i ever even tried to be more then a regular guy through the years i strugled with the drugs and the lies till i witnessed every dream n every loved one fade away in my eyes . so many have tried to sympathize and realize just what the fuck i had in store for my life but when they turned away it was a demon that rised from ashes all the classes and free passes i just used to get blasted never pasted any of the shit that i had started and eventually i was alone and cold hearted. ©Nostra.
    its rough but it was in 5 minutes and i was bored


  105. WTF?!! Godly shit man, godly shit…

  106. love it the beats lately are above and beyond expectations! way to go slant

  107. Nice sample. Not feelin country much, but you did good wit this one my dude. 5 red stars, if you had em here

  108. Whooa! Two in a week! someone must be getting laid.

  109. damn this beat is sick as fuck!! nice twist on “whiskey lullaby”

  110. This SOUNDS a lot like “Brad Paisley-Whisky Lullaby” Check it out…

  111. yeaaaa this is wat im talkin about… ur god slantize..u killed this one!!! 1000/1000

  112. wow this is incredible… 5/5

  113. 10/10 baba superrrr buna bi söz YazDIM yakında cıkıyo.. ;)

  114. Misery, homie.

  115. Beautiful.

  116. Oh yes, this beat is dope as fuck! Great work Slant! 5/5


    “I was rollin’ in my tratter(tractor) and I drive-bye’d your fucken cow / shot it in the face like dangnamit buck, buck, POW! /”


  118. Holy Balls… This….. is Great


    Legendary Beat

  119. amazing

  120. 6/5 fantastic drop here slant

  121. 5/5

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