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Flight Of Love

Mar 09 2010 | BPM: 112 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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23 Feedback

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New school bounce with heavy synths, pop drums, and a catchy string lead.

Genres: Club, Pop

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23 Feedback to “Flight Of Love”

  1. love it

  2. ang porma

  3. this song has it all, like what are u the 3rd best?

  4. fine…whery nice beat…

  5. me and my homies made a track to this beat screamin nor call all the way

  6. “shadow” is a bitch haha hes just hatin cuz he cant get on here lmao keep doin ya thing nine!
    - dj stas

  7. ^^^No father, u are worng

  8. We can all agree dat we WANT A HOOK! am I write?…

  9. shadow u cock sucker sounds like u have a crush on nine, bet ud blow him if he let u. what da fuck do u now bout music da sound ur ass makes when nine is pounding it 2 his beatz isnt considered music. im on dis page 4 true hip hop grimey underground street shyt, da kinda shyt da name used to represent. what happened 2 slantize, hala and and even adp although he was on sum other shyt he still had dat sinister style.

  10. this beat is fire… But can you please write the music notes? LOL jp

  11. this is a hella good beat, i agree you should add a hook :) your good with those!

  12. Excellent track…. I agree with “Duke”. But aye, it is what it is. You know, there are ‘Beats” and there are “Tracks”…this is most def a “Track”. All of the elements fit well together. Would I put it in the Genre’s you selected? probably not. Although it does have a lil ’snap’ to it…and it kind’a makes you wanna move. But this is a ‘groove to it’ type of joint. But like I said, dope shit holmes…


    Maceo Tha GrammarGod

  13. Hey this is a great beat, I love it. I would love hear one like this from Slantize. he would bring it home.

  14. @ infantry…why are you on the shadowville website?…last i remember Shadowville is run by Slantize..not you, so until your part of the decision making process, stfu

  15. nine diamond is amazing and many artist like his beats… sadly the only ones that really rate these things arnt into his genre

  16. y is dis foo on shadowville???

  17. lol

    i love it(:

  18. People are crazy.

    Asking for lyrics.. when there are none. lol

  19. lyrics?

  20. This Beat Is Sick I Wish You Posted It With The Hook Though…Can You Post It With The Hook That Would Be Great Thanks Nine

  21. can you pls write ur lyrics here

  22. best hook ive heard

  23. coll beat 5/5

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