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Dec 28 2010 | BPM: 110 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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27 Feedback

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Mysterious circus feel and an uptempo, swing melody with live drums, brass, harpsichords, and bells.

Moods: Dark, Happy, Silly

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27 Feedback to “Freakshow”

  1. You are absolutely right. In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you.

  2. Hi, this beat is so insane, that’s why i used it to record a song in a studio.
    Enjoy !

  3. this is tha hottest beat i heard in a while. i love tha dark circus feel to it ..really creepy.
    perfect beat and keep up tha good work.-SB

  4. Please give me feedbaxk on the songs i have made to your beats, including this one. the link is in the other comment box below

  5. Very creative beat. The game needs more creative beats like this instead of all those ‘nice synth melody lets play this in the club or on the radio!!!’ type of beats.

    check the track tho id like feedback from the producer tho and yall too

  7. sounds like we made u but gay. so beat geeks is todd hamburger r is that what erryones sayin todds got some sick shit but this one feels like we made u kareoke style

  8. wow to those hating and saying fail you must be retarted. this beat goes hard! totally reminded me of eminem. drums are hard. mellodies on point. creative ass hell. and the mix haha profesh! juggalo beat? haha wow you must really not know music. FAIL? wow go burry a hole and die in it you douche bag. 6/5 love this beat

  9. a now thats an eminem beat i really like i had my friends listen to it and they liked it

  10. wow this beat is insane, def hear d12 on this, drums r on point mix is clean, todd ur a beast ur da most creative producer on this site

  11. wow this beat has got me noddin my head… some people just don’t hear good shit when it’s playing…. this beat is sick man… haters have no creativity that’s why they all resort to one thing, HATING.

    @j_murderous, co-sing my nigga lol

  12. Haters will be haters… this beat is epic.. people who hate this beat have no taste in music what so ever. king gordy or brotha lynch could rip this beat easily.. i love it good lucks people

  13. LOL this beat is frickin sick!!! how can’t u like it…some D12/Slim Shady type shit

  14. I dont know why people are dissing this beat to me this is one of there best coz its so different to alot of the obvious beats u get on this site….this typa tune u could make a song about how u got high or drunk one day n when ur walking back home all the mad shit going fru ya head or on ya journey way back if its funny gotta be creative with this shit!…5/5 for me man!…

  15. This is sure the funniest and BEEEST party beat EVER! <3 LOVED IT

  16. WTF are you people talking about, this beat is fucking insane! Its called creativity. Sounds a lil like ‘We Made You’ - Em. Keep ‘em coming !

  17. downloaded straight the wayy

  18. Wow… Not my style, but … As long as someone likes it, I’m fine with that.

  19. Dont like it sooo much bro :(… u need to get more like WALK THROUGH FIRE !!

    u got better beats on you… this is very average

  20. make more beats like settle the score.

    @eddieo, i must of been fucked up, i came back to listen again.. this beat is hot.

  21. y’all need to get more serious. only people that want beats like these are Juggalos. Sorry but i’m jjust bein’ honest.

    @iamtyler1000, lmao juggalos…..are you kidding me?

  22. Epic Fail

    @kew c.r.e., ur a weenie

    @infantry, co sign. weenie hut general indeed .

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