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Take The Pain Away

Dec 29 2010 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Adamack
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26 Feedback

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Emotional beat with acoustic guitar, piano, acoustic drums, and some orchestral parts.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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26 Feedback to “Take The Pain Away”

  1. bruh, love the track, i actually have written and recorded to the track, would love for you to take a listen to it< got an email?



    Check out my track using your beat. It’s called Blocked From The View…
    I’m a late starter in the rap game at age 27. I write for fun and have been writing for most of my life. Just started recording within the last year or so, and finally have found a studio I’m content with. I may not be great, but I have a message. I am still finding my flow, but I feel as though my music needs to be heard. I’m not doing this for fame just for me. Give me any feedback you can, and check my other songs on my you tube channel if you get a chance, the songs called Brotherhood is an Alliance and Standin In Da Rain. Here is a link to Blocked From The View. Sorry it is not a clickable link….

  4. My name is Drifter and I work for a recording label called Beat2Beatz we are based in the UK and we are interested in purchasing the exlusive rights to the track entitled Take The Pain Away. Could you please contact me via email on Look forward to hearing from you

  5. Rough version of vocals:

  6. Hello! I have a few questions about this and a few other tracks of yours. When you get an opportunity, please contact me via email at I would love to hear from you.

    S. Johnson

  7. This song fits for rappers and singers- like me-
    Keep it up mang.
    now i need to save up some cash

  8. I wrote lyrics and sang them, used mixcraft 5.

    @lmp3341, Me too check it out on FB Kahaos The Finisher .

  9. L I K E :D i lovee this beaat :P


    here ya go man

  11. i just wrote words to it a few minutes ago. the words fit perfectly

  12. it’s really nice.

  13. This is excellent.

  14. your names tim for some reason i really thought it was adamack wow im stupid haha but whatever tight beat i like this

  15. nice beat, i just want to know what software u use to make it.

  16. Thanks everyone for all of the positive feedback. It really means so much. @kingkong - Good idea for a hook. I’m on the lookout for a fresh singer. This would be a good one to put them on.

    Peace and care,


  17. My favorite beat from this year

  18. Master Adamack (Propers and Respect)

  19. thats what im talking about ..
    its really a very nice one , i love it ;)

  20. amazing beat bro, ur music is helping me become the rapper i know i am inside. great flow great strings great everything. how come only your music is like this? and WTF is with all these new corney producers like tristan for example? someone please save me!

    ….adamack to the resque.

  21. this is deep, beautiful beat

  22. this is a bad ass beat can you put a hook in it? that would be sick ass fuck!!! do ya thing bruh.

  23. one of you two assholes are the ones that are always going against the grain. Smokey mwa you are a faggot and look and sound like the biggest bitch of a joke if I ever have seen one. I hate you.

    what’s up adamack? AKA best producer on here. Can you make and acoustic beat with a hook? The guitars are really bright but keep doing your thing baby. 5/5 but I don’t vote because there’s always that one prick to go against the grain.

  24. Like it. Nice to hear some smooth guitars out there. Shadowville is mainly keyboards and samples. It’s refreshing to hear a guitar. Keep it up dude. Thanks.

  25. Signature Adamack Acoustic guitars!!… :) Dopeee as fuck!!… DOPE DOPE instrumental… loved it :)… 12231237132/10 :P…. keep up man

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