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My New Year's Resolution

Dec 31 2010 | BPM: 95 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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20 Feedback

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Soft, melodic harp track with light strings over heavy kicks.

Genres: R&B, West Coast

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20 Feedback to “My New Year's Resolution”

  1. hay bro nice wokr ceck my video with this beat

  2. how can I do to have this beat?

  3. HOT!!

  4. ola nine este seu beat e lindo mexmo lindo eu gostai imenso dele e vinha o por este meio lhe perguntar se podia por este beat para download para poder tirar para poder gravar um musica com ele seria d expetacular ter este beat comtigo

    vou daixar meu mail para me dar uma rxp ou se quizer rxp por aki tambem pode ser

  5. yo nine i really need to get with you about this track i wanna use it as a single on my album
    i don’t care who’s used it we want it contact me at like yesterday!

  6. I Just Made A Song To This Beat Its Called Love Song Ra’d FT.Black Ty Ima Upload On Here Thanks Nice Beat

  7. made it into a love song..sooooo great i cant thank you enough nine best beat i think you ever put out my girlfriend loves it thanks a lot homie

  8. daz a reeeal Nasty beat N9ne!! got to give you props on that one!!

  9. Dayymmm bro hot shit
    i wanna do this
    any1 wanna collab?

  10. dayuuuuummmm breh u really killed this this is one of my favorite beats from u this is great everything just seems to go together perfect keep doing yo thang breh great job

  11. Dude this is the absolute best beat I’ve ever heard in my life, I really really love this, man you blew ever producer in the frickin world out of the water with this one, dude its amazing, I’m excited to work with this, if I had the money I’d be buying the exclusive rights to it RIGHT NOW I give you 5,000 out of 5 lol amazing you are the best, no producer can compete with this I don’t care what anyone says!!!

    @lilnate93, means alot bro! thanks!

    @Nine Diamond,
    WHAT’S GOING ON NINE? im trying to see how i can contact
    you my email address is i wanna purchase this beat for my brothers new single if it’s possible halla back at ya boi! i need your email info ,phone number something you can make alot of money over here i’ve been putting alot of people on you tracks!

  12. love it when you pull out these chill, laid back beats. 5/5. hope to see more of em in 2011 ;)

    @shaheem, gonna be lots bro!

  13. already wrote lyrics for it

  14. wow man beat needs more credit

  15. GREAT

  16. why so expensive?

  17. not into rnb type of beats, but i like this… those mellow harps are beautiful… good job diamond 5/5…. btw; happy new 2011 :)

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