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When The Music Stops (With Hook)

Jan 02 2011 | BPM: 92 | Producer: 2Deep
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16 Feedback

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Sad piano and electric guitars over hard hitting drums. Hook by Marka.

Moods: Dark, Inspiring, Sad

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16 Feedback to “When The Music Stops (With Hook)”

  1. Hey man,
    Why is this unavailable ? Its awesome as aye i want it

  2. Nice !!

  3. Beat sounds nice, perhaps too commercial. Beat itself is mixed far too quiet compared to the hook. You need to remix it man.

  4. PRRRRRR√ĄPS!!Your beats are hottest in SW! I’m making my album and i wonder that could you make me beat? Email -


  6. I don’t think Marka was right for this, He’s to commercial sounding for your underground beats, it should have had a Female singer I think that would of been sick, but the beat is real good 5/5

  7. i wanna work with u !!!

  8. Can somebody tell me please the lyrics of the hook ?

    @axzellent, I think it is, When the music stop, tell me they go make it, when they fall and I make it, when the accoustics drop, tell me what are they gonna dooooo, when the music stops, and I cain’t, i caint I caint i caint hoold on, hold back, so know that, I’ll still be singing my song, when the music stops (delay)

  9. Pls Man :(

  10. You can do a beat to it, man this is your work:)

  11. You can do a beat to it, man this is your work:)

  12. this is definetly one of the sickest beats i’ve heard in a while. i’m definetly droppin something to this real soon. props on this one bro, good job

  13. awesome

  14. this is really sick marka has really steped up his game i gotta say and i love those guitars there really ill man i love this one ima do this beat

  15. Dude this is amazing! Imma make a song out of it this week and hit u up wiv it. whats ur email?

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