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Forever Loving You

Jan 03 2011 | BPM: 94 | Producer: Allrounda
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11 Feedback

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Sad violins, female vocal sample, and soulful pianos over grimey hip hop drums.

Moods: Dark, Sad, Soulful

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11 Feedback to “Forever Loving You”

  1. Yo allrounda lisnen up and lisnen good. you guys need to stop using the same damn chicka chicka cha sound at the beginning of all your beats. its sloppy, lasy, and outright unoriginal !! The way i see it you robbin people of their money. and if i buy 1 more beat out of the many i got from ya’ll and it has the same beat over and over again, i’m gonna start sueing ya’ll for false adverstizing and anything else my lawyer thinks you should be sued for. So either get some originallity or stop making beats cuz your an embarassment at the moment……No offense

    shut the fuck up….come up with your own beat if you dont like this beat!!

    …What the fuck?

  2. Did you borrow that drumtrack from 2Deep?

  3. this beat is burning …..5/5

  4. killed this one. fresh

  5. Beat is great i will record on him!! it’s cool!

  6. good
    Zajebisty podkład

  7. Not the kind I’d rap to, but in its style, it’s definitely worth 5/5.

  8. this shit is helluh dope breh it just hits you hard 5/5

  9. Hot ! ! ! 5 stars

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