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Breathin (With Hook)

Jan 04 2011 | BPM: 91 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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43 Feedback

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Live acoustic, electric, and bass guitar instruments and a bit of piano with acoustic drums and a bit of a country feel. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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43 Feedback to “Breathin (With Hook)”

  1. Check out what i did with this beat… God Bless!

  2. im a christian rapper and this perfect for a song ! thaink you

  3. Hey Love yalls beats man, everytime i come on here i look for new ones lol keep doin ya thing!! Check out my verses to Breathin!! Lemme know what you think!

  4. ayo i wake up in the mornin and i look in the mirror/// hold my breathe,let it go,then i disappear/// snap back to reality by somethin i hear//// its somethin i remember,a voice comin in clear/// its my mom downstairs,and she yellin and shit/// i tell her chill!,but she dont be listenin when im tellin her shit/// i use the bathroom,no water,so im smellin the piss/// i gotta leave the house,,anythings betta then this/// throw on my kicks,grab my bag,and im ready to roll//// role the spliff,,,light it up,,now im inhalin the dro/// im on my way out then im stopped by the phone/// pick it up,say hello,,its my big brother joe/// “ayo lil bro,be sure you watch your ass/// cops headin your way and they comin there fast”/// i said ,thanks,good looks,then i run out the back///and the first thing i see is a gun and a badge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ayo i already got four verses written to this but i cant afford to buy it wit two kids and one on the way so ill prolly just lay them on here!!!!

  6. excuse my ignorance and my bad english but what it’s “hook”? the voices like in 1:59?

    @zeiker, sorry for the late reply :)
    The hook is basically the chorus of the song. In this case, it’s the guy (Dubbs) singing “Mama said there’d be days like this” etc….

    @Atomic Beats, oh thanks! And Great beat!!!!

  7. esta perra esa pista

  8. This shit is slamming

  9. check it…………

  10. This some deep shit but you killed it keep dis up

  11. hey whats up love the beat man, when i come to this site I only look for your beats. wanted to ask though if you were willing to sell me the beat exclusively, I had a song written and that song fit into it perfectly. also wanted to ask if I buy the Beat does it come with the hook? and if so does the hook belong to me in the sense of I could have someone else sing over the exact words or if I wanted to leave the original version who do I say I am featuring? Any get back to me at my face book Maurice High.

    @mr.high, I’ll contact you on fb

  12. Hey i got a ???? i bought the license and on the wav version there is no electric guitar after the last hook is played, like on the one above. Is this a mistake? cuz if so i am waiting for track separation and an answer wud be much appreciated, much love PEACE

  13. i cant wait to get a license to this Very Nice work on this one big ups to Atomic Beats

  14. Hi. Sick beat. What are the notes guitar is playing in the ending solo? Thanks. Really awsome beat.



  16. Sweet stuff man! You mind me askin what key the guitar work is in?

  17. Very Good…
    Can I use it?

  18. again a sick beat i love you style youre the best man loveyour beats

  19. could you post the lyrics of the hook??? sick beat!

    @xsplitxfirex, thanks!

    Mama said there’d be days like this
    But why do these days exist
    I just sit in the house, tryna figure it out
    Where it all went wrong
    But I guess there wouldn’t be no pleasure
    If it wasn’t for pain, we’d have nothing to gain
    But when it comes down to it maybe that’s the reason
    I thank God everyday I’m breathin’

  20. this is sick!!

  21. These People,Have Da Best Fckin Beats!!Atmoic Beats,Best Beat Maker Here(: Da Bestt!Keep Themm Hooks Goinn!

    @joo broo, good to read comments like that!

  22. Oh Yeah!! It’s my new favourite beat. AMAZING! AWESOME!

  23. atomic beats is the reason am here…..i think he the bestttttt…..9/10 way to gooooo

    lol thank you very much. But its not “he”… There is more of us in AtomicBeats

    @Atomic Beats, how big is your group

  24. could you post the lyrics of the hook?

  25. ha ha look at you kid i know you got this knock these mothafukas outta da watter with your next beat

    @phantom psychotic,
    lol thx friend

    @Atomic Beats, lol no prob bro you godda face book

    @phantom psychotic, yes but im not allowed to post it here. PM me yours, i’ll add you

  26. hmmmm..never heard of you but cant hate this is really nice, love the live instrumentation used. hook is eh, i hate beats with hooks, a real artist should be able to do their own damn hook ha. pretty nice. 3.5/5

    Thank you. And yeah we will upload without hooks versions also

  27. hey look an your doin good but you sonund like every body els up in this bitch try to make this shit your own put some hart in to it you know what im sayin nigga

  28. Eh your alright, I’m not feelin’ it very much though, from what you got so far, I don’t really like your style, but I can’t really judge you till I hear more. I liked the hook though it was pretty chill.

  29. heard ur beatz in the forum.
    I thought u were good enough.

    Make east coast beatz

  30. i like that hook its nice ima use this its sick!

  31. My new favorite beat of the week.

  32. YEAH ! This one is my favourite from you ! What a good way to start !

    Welcome to SVP !!

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