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Thank God I'm Me (With Hook)

Jan 04 2011 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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38 Feedback

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Rock rap beat with live electric guitars and bass and a bit of synths. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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38 Feedback to “Thank God I'm Me (With Hook)”

  1. Yo Slavebell I purchased this beat on fastspring but received a beat called “Hurricane” can you message me so I can give you the proof of purchase

  2. I love the Rock rap!!! but i want only exclusive beats in my new cd so i don’t use it :/ BUT IT’S GREAT!!

  3. Why do you post your shit that has nothing to do with this beat?

    Homerecording Deluxe from Germany! ;)

  4. yo sick beat check out this song we were able to put together from it

  5. Man your beat is so cool !!!
    i’ve Create pretty song thank you MaN !!

  6. love it! peep the verse i spit to this!

  7. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  8. quit saying “atomic beats” in the background because that will stop tons of people from using your beats. I won’t use ‘em, that’s for sure. I would definitely use some of your beats without that (to my videos, etc.) then I’d credit you for the beat, which would help get your name out there, but with the constant “atomic beats” in the background I avoid your beats (as well as Tristan’s, Sinima’s, etc. etc. etc.)

    @eteach, then this is what you do: buy the beat, use it for your videos, etc., it won’t have the tags on it, AND you can still give them credit. The beats have tags for a reason - so people don’t steal them. If you want free beats without tags, then make your own.

    @thisistazz, it’s not exactly stealing if it’s free, now is it? I’ve used a variety of beats from this site, (mostly Slantize beats) because they’re excellent and also because they don’t have the tags. I always credit the author as well as shadowville, so that gives the site exposure and it also gives the author exposure. Why would I use a “free” beat with a tag? Doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, I’ll continue to check shadowville for beats but I’ll only use the ones without tags. And I won’t make my own, either, thank you. I don’t even know how to do it. It’s not my thing. But it’s my guess that the authors provide them for free on this site because they want exposure.

  9. This is a really sick beat, man.
    The only thing I have to say about your beats is,
    I wish you wouldn’t label the track with constant repetitions of your name, it throws off the flow and gets kind of annoying. Also, before I would buy a beat, I’d make the test track on the free download to see if people like it. I find it hard to do that with “atmoic Beats” being yelled out constantly in the background. That’s the main reason why I avoid using a lot of sinima beats.

    this is sick though, I’ll still probly write something to it haha.
    props, keep up the good work

  10. yo my dude this is freakin awesome

  11. I F*cking LOVE THIS BEAT

  12. Keep doin you thing man. Throwed ass Beat lookin forward to many more.


    i fux wiitcha!!!!hahaha

    that was fun

    @tedpodder, Nice… Thx

  14. like your style! live instruments are dope once again, taking it a different direction and its dope. just need beats without hooks

  15. Finna put some lyrics to this sick beat, check out some of my work at…

  16. who can give me the lyrics of the hook??


    I can’t stop
    And I ain’t quitting till I get what I’m entitled too
    If I was you, I’d buckle and fold hustelin probably
    But I’m not you
    Thank God I’m me (x4)

  17. I’m glad you’re here. I know you from soundclick ;)

  18. the instrumental itself was cool, the hook just doesnt come off cool

    @dok holmes always, kind of feel the same way. Why doesn’t the hook come off cool to u? was it the lyrics, singer,etc.

    @big hit buda, the singers dope, its just repeating the line ”Thank god i’m me” 4 times every hook is kinda hard to base a song around , thats all i was sayin, its a
    good listen as a listener though

    @dok holmes always, yeah, singer’s dope. I’m really feelin tha hook except
    I would change “you” to “them”. When he says “if I was u, I’d buckle and
    fold”, that kind of sounds like he’s directin it at me…like I should quit where
    as if he said “them”, it would differentiate him from “everybody else” instead
    of just “me”. I get what he means tho. It ain’t no big deal overall but I think
    that would make the listener connect a lil better.

    I feel u on the parf of the hook u was talkin about. I threw a bunch of different adlibs to take up the space. All in all, I really like this track though. It has a very
    different sound thanwhat’s out there and has substance. Can’t wait to hear
    more from him. Peace bro

    @big hit buda, messed up on the spacin, woops

    @big hit buda,

    What do you guys think? Should we upload version without the hook also?

  19. Hot beat, reminds me for some reason of song “Where I’m At” by Lloyd Banks. Love the beat though keep it up

  20. really awesome !!!! ,,, nyz beatz ……

  21. well done

  22. Glad to see you on the site atomic. I don’t too much care for the person doing this hook (in general I don’t like pre-done hooks, your Wave Goodbye beat being an exception) but it’s a decent beat.

  23. awsome beat. anyway we can get the hook lyrics posted. theres one part i cant make out.


    I can’t stop
    And I ain’t quitting till I get what I’m entitled too
    If I was you, I’d buckle and fold hustelin probably
    But I’m not you
    Thank God I’m me (x4)

  24. very nice beat, 5/5.

    welcome to shadowville

  25. these beats are good hopefully they stay that way

    @themessage, who can give me the lyrics of the hook?

    @soesoe_h, they posted em

  26. oh damn congrats atomic on gettin on the team. pretty sweet beat

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