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Fall Out

Jan 07 2011 | BPM: 84 | Producer: Tristan
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28 Feedback

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Epic beat with a battle vibe using a full blown orchestra of brass and strings layered with synths over steady paced heavy hitting drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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28 Feedback to “Fall Out”

  1. If I admired very much, but I’m happy again I want to download

  2. Awesome shit, now get the license avaliable so I can buy that bitch please! :D

  3. thatas hard

  4. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. really great beat ;D 5/5

  6. Nice mannn

  7. You should be signed, out there producing an album.

  8. Nice!!

  9. Now Thats A HOT Track

  10. sick i like it gonna freestyle this too :D

  11. Good Beat 4/5

  12. Awesome beat man ! … what software do you use ? if you use fl studio , can write me an PM … so i can ask you for the mastering … ‘cuz it’s so fu*king clear ! :D :)

  13. hey man whats your email i have some questions


  14. I don’t like the brass hit, it sounds funky lol but this beat is a monster none the less. Good Work man!

  15. Very GOOD beat!!!!!! 5/5 ;) I`m Recording R.A.P :)

  16. very good beat 5/5 :)

  17. jmak82 — so you can’t hear how the track can “initially sound” because of a tag that lasts less than 1 second? It’s not like he’s reading the fuckin bible over his beat, it says 4 words

    @Beatg33kz, Haha how poignant.

    @Beatg33kz, +1

  18. I understand putting the name stamp at the the begining of the beat,but throughout the whole thing? I dont even really listen to your beats anymore because of that. I know “buy the license if you want the beat” but most MC’s want to hear how a the track sounds before they are going to buy a beat. With the “tristan on the beat” every 30 seconds its fucking up hearing how a track can initially sound.

    @jmak82, The tags on my beats are placed 1 on the intro and 1 before every hook. I put them like that so it’s not overwhelming to someone who is trying to write. I used to only put 1 tag on beats and when I started fully tagging my beats I noticed a drastic increase in sales. So unless you want to throw me a couple grand the beats are staying tagged throughout.

    Not trying to sound like an asshole, just trying to shed some light on the subject from my side.

    @Tristan, Im just being real about it. Im not hating…you do have a few beats that I am about to purchase the license of.

    @jmak82, It’s all good man. I’m just I’m talking from experience dude.


    @sichan, im raper of persia &good beats

    @Tristan, Lol,there is no way that your beat sales increased because of more tags,I am not trying to be an asshole either. Thousands? Lol dont get a swelled head.

    @jmak82, Dude I have been doing this for a long time. I make a few grand a month producing so I’m not being cocky what so ever.

    If a beat has tags in it, it gives the artist more incentive to purchase a lease so they can get the beat without tags. If there is only 1 tag or no tags there is little to no reason for them to purchase a lease. So yeah unless you want to make up for my lost sales due to lack of tagging they are staying fully tagged.

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