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Jan 08 2011 | BPM: 116 | Producer: Tristan
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14 Feedback

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Catchy, steady square synths throughout the beat with an uplifting chorus.

Genres: Club, Pop

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14 Feedback to “Forever”

  1. What is she saying?

  2. LMAO @ dwill, this is the 7 or 8th song I hear of his and its true, but hey if you got a female vocalist who’s lenient on having an original sound these beats work out

  3. every song you make sounds like gaga .


  5. To Me Tristan Has A Nice Style A Even Though He Mostly Does Trap/Southern/Club/Pop Beats There All Unique In There Own Way Much Respect Tristan

  6. These r the best beats i heard

  7. Good Stuff haha i wanna freestyle this :D if that okay :P

  8. I guess its time to dance again

  9. Haters gon’ hate cause of the tags, but this one is soooo dope. Never stays the same, always moving. Damn I really love it.

    @roy razor, i think tristan does a good job placen his tags timen wise, every producer should rep their shit, over doin it sucks, but once or twice a song is more then reasonable

    @dok holmes always, Yeah don’t worry Dok I wasn’t complainin’ about the tags at all and I definitely agree with what you say. Just said some crybabies would hate.

    @roy razor, ya i was tryin to agree with you, with a opion of my own

  10. aha dope shit im always feelin yo stuff bruh keep doin yo thang

    @young_twice, Appreciate it.

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