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Y'all Ain't Ready

Jan 10 2011 | BPM: 138 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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26 Feedback

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Smooth, atmopsheric pads and synths with guitars and piano over 808 drums.

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26 Feedback to “Y'all Ain't Ready”

  1. over the counter urinary tract infection meds

  2. Wow this beat is too mad I wish it was available to be bought, could u tell me the name of the pads used

  3. kill as beat if someone cant get off to that they need to quit

  4. can i have this please

  5. A NINE bro this the real shit everybody need to be listen
    You need to put some of your stuff on the radio.

  6. very nice

  7. I threw some vocals to this beat. Wanna say thanks to Nine & the rest of the beat makers at Shadowville ~ Check out some of our tracks we have done with their beats at or the latest youtube video -……………..Peace!

    @tripplebeam, yo i checked out ur track. NICE! what program do u use to record?

    @kymac, Pro tools 8. I have always used Acid Pro but recently changed over. Thanks for the feedback too

  8. I threw some vocals on this beat, hope you like it ~

  9. def my fav beat u put out so far. Nine u r hands down my fav producer on shadowville. props dude

  10. Nine - I fuks with your shit heavily. You’ll hear soon….(lol). But yo…this joint is mad, mad, mellow. And the more I listen to it, its becomes more and more hypnotic almost…. The blend of different instruments is niiiiice. No, it doesn’t change up much…but its still dope as ever. Props!!

    its “yall aint ready” ready one haha listen to for me,, im new to rapping, so be gentle, so sometimes the sound is off but still

    @stuckey, yo, I checked out what you did with ‘yall ain’t ready’. Good sh@t bro, check mine out if you get a chance, more laid back but check it. Peace!

  12. This shit sounds good, got it in my new beats by Dre headphones on repeat. This reminds me of something Wiz would spit over

    @ben smokin, Wiz? He spits? I thought he just said stupid random thoughts over and over..

    @qsik, this track was actually produced for wiz khalifa, just never made the cut

  13. Dude, I don’t know how people can hate on you Nine.. You bring fresh shit all the time.. Your compositions are allways very well put together and beautiful on the ears and this track right here is no exception! Lovin the melody in this and those drums are real crisp! 10/5

    @Strife Divine, Gotta say I totally agree.

    @Strife Divine, Yea, and its actually really nice that I don’t have to here “Tristan on the track” every 30 seconds..

    @qsik, LMAO!! Talk about it!!…and a few others I won’t mention. I have no problems with tags…I mean, do you…. But some are a little excessive.

  14. Epic!!!

  15. hommie u r truely a legend

    @platinum city, feels good to be a legend in someones eyes!

  16. Fucking Epic 5/5

    @dok holmes always, 6/5

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