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Cold Streets

Jan 10 2011 | BPM: 80 | Producer: Adamack
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27 Feedback

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Hard, dark beat with high pitched pianos and light brass over gritty drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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27 Feedback to “Cold Streets”

  1. haha! . . .

    welcome to web beat irani
    من یه اهنگساز 18 ساله سبک رپ همستم
    اگه میخاید اهنگامو بشنوسید لطفا به وبلاگم یه سر بزنید

  3. how can u sell a beat that YOUNG BUCK is already used?

    @x seduction, link it moron

    I wouldn’t know? I don’t listen to Young Buck.

  4. this is dopeness

  5. Great
    Adamack, which vsti did u use for ‘high pitched pianos’?

  6. I told yall Adamack was the best (remember where you heard it first)

  7. Wow…


  9. When the ride hats and the brass comes in, that’s probably the best sounding hook on here, if you needed to make one.

  10. its beautiful rap and beautiful beat !!!

  11. tight man..real that pop and back to the block..keep it up

  12. is this free???
    can i make a rap music on it ?

    @majd, Read the Licensing Agreement. As long as you don’t sell it after you rap over it, if you give it out for free, then legally.. yes, yes you can.

    P.S. But its kind of lame to do it without asking the producer, atleast, in my opinion it is.

  13. You are a genius!!!

  14. this beat is #1

  15. Dope beat but i believe i’ve heard the sample before… maybe some 3-6-mafia thing.. dope though

  16. /Sheeeiitt….this is dopee man…admack make a few more of these man now and again…Straight 5

  17. well adamack, one thing is for sure, youre good when it comes to rnb, pop, urban type of beats, but youre dope when it comes to this type of beats… wish you could stick to this more often… 5/5

  18. nice beat,i miss your great club beats

  19. can you tell me ? where the hook is ? or is it just spit fire :)

  20. Hold up. Its just 4 verses no hook???

    OOHHH, i guess its a cypha beat. Thats good 4 a mixtape.

  21. Now this is what I call a East Coast beat.

    i could hear a young Jay-Z on this beat.

    When has anyone ever said that about a SVP beat.

    Peep, Similar 2 no artist styles. I would take that as a compliment.

    And from Adamack

    @kew c.r.e., this is young bucks beat he has already used this beat

  22. ADAMACK NUMBA 1 *heavy Asian accent*

    @Nine Diamond, Iron Shiek Numer 1

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