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Fly (With Hook)

Jan 14 2011 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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35 Feedback

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Soft, live guitar beat with a bit of brass instruments over east coast drums. Hook by Dubbs.

Genres: East Coast, Pop, Urban

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35 Feedback to “Fly (With Hook)”

  1. Hello ! This instrumental exist without the hook ? Thanks

  2. Hy..a friend of mine tell me to find a beat and I take one from this website…Now him recorded one verse on the beat I found here!!!It’s not recorded in a studio yet it’s recorded with mixcraft!!!
    This is the link…hope you like it…

  3. Hook have some autotune right?:D..If have can you give me the settings please?:D..sound great and I wanna try on my voice a little…:D

  4. Check this verse out, comment and tell me what you think, peace out

  5. can u say smoke song hhhmmm lol

    @antione713, to mushy

  6. oh and i did a lil somthing with it on

    @joshuab, really i cant tell if this is just bad or you have no flow or you just shy cause i cant hear you at all on the beat just some mumbling

    @bigderka101, oh and here is some fire most of my shit on youtube is me practicing one i wrote or fucking around freestyling bac at stupid little comments im working on an album i have my own beats i use other peoples to keep brushed up

    @bigderka101, oh and i reupoloaded that on my youtube channel sounds clear fuck twit vid although i am a little low on it

    @bigderka101, yeah it came out cool but then when i uploaded it to twitt vid sound went to shit theres a link if u wanna hear a few bars

  7. so loved this one and is that xzibits voice sayin atomic beats

  8. Absolutely. Wonderful.

  9. SUPER

  10. Hi! can you write the lyrics? thanks! ciao ciao!!! ah… è bellissima!

    @zhero, Oh…its like a rollercoaster
    Until the day its over
    This crazy thing that we call life
    If i could get my feet on the ground and strap these wings up to my shoulders
    I just might be able to fly

    @Atomic Beats, can you please upload this without hook, it will be really nice if you could…:)

    @Atomic Beats, thanks! I am using the base for myself, I wrote the two verses. is a beautiful song half Italian half American! As soon as I finish I can hear you!
    Ciao from Rome!

  11. love this

  12. I was wondering if it was possible for you to put out “Royal Highness” here on shadowville?

    If you do i will lease it :)
    Ps : I’ve leased 4 of your beats already :) Good radioactive fuel for my early morning raps ;) Keep up the good work!


    @berlewood, Oh thank you very much friend! But for real this means ALOT to us. Yeah RH will be uploaded soon. With hook or without?

    @Atomic Beats, Hi again :) no problem, i need it with the hook.
    Also if you could write the lyrics here it would be great :)
    Thanks again for the “Fly” track :)
    finished first verse this morning, think it will be dope..


  13. This beat is sick, but on the hook the “Fly” was pitchy, I also do hooks like this if you need a different voice check out my stuff and let me know, here’s a link to vocals I’ve done without a beat.. (recorded to the metronome) I can do better with a beat.
    If anyone needs hooks Email me at

    @lilnate93, Cool, we will contact you sooner or later

  14. yo this beat is incredible my dude. btw if i lease a beat can i get the hooks raw vocals cuz i get all my ish mixed n mastered by an an engineer

    @casenagle, Yes if you order track separation. Than you will get trackouts of everything, and raw and “effected” hook

  15. Ok im sorry but i have to be honest… If we get so good comments on every beat how do we get so bad rates?

    I mean wtf?

    @Atomic Beats, Nice Song… Beat feel:X

    @Atomic Beats, I wonder too .. weird :S

    @emirhere, Yeah isn’t it? I mean its not the big deal but cmon…lol I’ll ask mods or whoever to check it out becouse if its other producers (and i think thats the case) thats just wrong

    @Atomic Beats, man you are sooo good :DD i love you’r beats… :DDD

  16. Sick ass beat.

  17. well done, chill track 2 just coast 2 ya know. keep em comin

  18. sick jazzy feel

  19. nice beat

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