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Mi Novia

Jan 15 2011 | BPM: 92 | Producer: Slantize
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36 Feedback

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Bouncy reggeaton track with synths, staccato pianos, and strings over clubbish dembow drums.

Moods: Happy, Sad, Silly
Genres: Club, Reggaeton

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36 Feedback to “Mi Novia”

  1. top muisc!!

  2. nice one

  3. I want to buy this bit, how can I proceed to buy?

  4. i wont buy this beat :)

  5. hey man i really love this beat, n am tryin to record something real on it but i need the wave file so i can actually treat this beat the way it should be treated !!!! if u are kind enough to send me that file, i would be really great full here is my email

  6. This music is really cool

  7. me encanta guey ! (:

  8. Nice

  9. I want to use these beats that would be cool my friend ..
    I’d love to do a song .. and a profesional video with this beat .. I liked to know. is that possible .. because I did not like any problem. is just to show you around if you like it .. Buy and over we’ll talk later..

  10. you gad mor beats of reggaeton .. sende me the demo ..
    but i liek this stiel . of beats … if you gad mor . i want too lissen ..
    is very important .

  11. i need the beats brother. i liek ken i have this beats..
    send me a email.

  12. hey brother essa es tu pista megusta soy un nuevo talento de Alemana ..
    i keria preguntarte . si tienes mas pista buena assi comon esta ..
    i si podia aser una cancion con essa pista.. kiero esta pista brother ..
    dime es k yo kiero aser una cancion pofesional con un video clips hermano..
    para k la gente lo beille in la disco ..

  13. did a lil sum to this beat

  14. awesome beat dude u gonna rock……………………..

  15. t mandaste bro u getting way better sounds like nexus lol dame tu email pa mandarte las pistas mia mi es

  16. this is coooll mate , nice 1

  17. Great :)

  18. this is a nice beat!

  19. hey amazing beat, im in an urban duo “Pedro Flow Y Ley” I LOVE YOUR BEAT Slantize.

  20. I LOVE YOU SLANTIZE . GREAT > GREAT > NICE BEAT that just YOU can made .

    20 of 20 … .

  21. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

    is this song from this beat man ??!!
    where did u get that beat ?

  22. Hi i’m artist my name is Kra-Z-Noize and i want to buy your beat named : MI NOVIA how much is the license for this beat? You can give me a message in my e-mail at I waiting for this thank you

  23. Off the charts…..Enough said……Gotta use it on my Demo….. Make a reggae beat,theres no reggae on this site….Y pa’lante bro q tus pistas son de las mejores,,,,sin comeera de mierda….straight up….

  24. Muy bueno :P
    haz mas de reggaeton ! :D

  25. bro i got some lyrics that will go perfdect for it

  26. q tranza buen el beat de reggaeton bien bro

  27. first reggaeton beat on shadowville?? this is tiigth hah

    @zeroreal1ty, you’re late bro :

  28. slant man’s ears make a little music of yearning remains

  29. blazin. well done

  30. Fuck easrcoat, westcoast, dirty south, underground. all that!!!

    Ima drop a Reggaeton on ur asses!!!

    This is my site BITCH!!!!!



    @kew c.r.e., canto misaca cristiana

  31. sickkkk gj slant :)

    canto misaca cristiana

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