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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Jan 17 2011 | BPM: 86 | Producer: 2Deep
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22 Feedback

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Eerie synth bells over heavy drums and dark basslines with strings on the hook. Collabo with Life And Death.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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22 Feedback to “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”

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  2. Fill her cup… Up till it overflows….love Over the pup…shows The bull bit so tuff…
    Now You know I go Spill the guts… Slip a flipper… Too her Toes go tag rome in a lot of foam
    Strip a tipper… Patience Flip your temper… Melt A pot..A hot rail…trot realms quick cure fire to the center…. Lit wit a flick…. Bic the wick deem to hit
    Rip a bit of hits up… Drip to drop rain…flood blood shed pain… A hollow path of lead
    Follow rap instead of bullets at targets. That sped

  3. it sounds like a track off uncle murdas hard to kill mixtape hard….


  5. Noooo! Now i cant use the song I made to this for the contest! Tragic.

  6. started to write to this beat i love it im just starting out with the whole writing thing but the flow this has is nuts haha crazy


  8. dude i love your beats! check out the song me and my friend made..i do the first, and the third verse..and the hook

  9. i made a badass track to this straight up though checkit out

  10. this is amazing. i love the way it talks to me. youve come up so much since i 1st joined this site. you were here n there it seemed. but ur doin ur thing. that piece on ur back is tight. check out what im doin.

  11. ……

  12. Lethal beat, produce tha best beats.. legend!!!

  13. Dope as usual. Really feelin this.

  14. motha freaking beast my dude

  15. Love it. 5-5

  16. You and Life&Death are definitely the Dream Team.

  17. sick beat man…you got the best beats on here……i dropped something on this track…….. again GREAT!!!! beat

    @wycked truth, checkout my version to it

    @wicked kasper, not bad man…..keep doin ya thing

    @wycked truth, I like the way your verse flows on this track but I’m not feelin’ the hook. Your rap on M-D-K was right on. Did you buy that track from Sinima? I’m just curious how u got the tags out.

    @raparoot, thx…i dwnld the beat from sinima awhile ago it didnt have any tags at the time….again thx for ya input on my flow…

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