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My Life (With Hook)

Jan 18 2011 | BPM: 83 | Producer: 2Deep
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16 Feedback

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Synth style electric guitars with deep bassline over steady kicks and rimshots. Hook by Marka.

Moods: Inspiring, Sad

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16 Feedback to “My Life (With Hook)”

  1. go to website Helgdagskvall i timmerkojan - Dan Andersson

  2. give me this beat

  3. my song on this beat

  4. yo d man this a banger right here man this shit hot dude you gotta make some more like this and id cope a couple of them my self

  5. Yo ;D send anyone here chorus lyrics?

  6. all what he say in the beat ? say to me please !!!!

  7. all what he say in the beat ? say to me please !!!

  8. what he say in the beat ? say to me please !!!

  9. dropped the full shit freestyled whole thing relly felt that beat nice stuff

  10. Nice Homiie, Stay Grindini…

  11. 30 second verse in the beginning?? ur tripping

  12. I’m not hatin’ on the effect, it suits the background music.

  13. i think this 2.. better without that Hz effect… THE BEAT IS KILLER!

  14. yea, I agree. the hook would be way doper without that effect. But imma still kill this beat

  15. Beat is awesome but I don’t feel the hook. Maybe too much effect … :/

  16. like it!

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