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30 Thousand

Jan 25 2011 | BPM: 61 | Producer: Tristan
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Hard hitting south beat with brass hits layered with gliding square leads and synths over heavy 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Silly

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20 Feedback to “30 Thousand”


  2. http://Www.GhomayshiNews.Vcp.Ir ——- > I like it

  3. This shit goes hard, point blank period.

  4. ya got your own style dont give f bout what other tryna say

  5. Can u send me the format of this 1 intro, verses hooks. Thanks

  6. im hooked on this beat right now

  7. this goes hard as fuck homie…bigs ups
    checkout what ive done

  8. yeah tristan on the track this is dope bro
    fuck underground east coast!

  9. chek my site with good beats and raps

  10. I kinda thought this could have been mixed better, all the sounds seemed to me like they were sittin’ dead center in the mix, except the brass hit/staccato thing, some panning would’a helped in my opinion. Still a cool beat though

  11. This is dope .. what the hell yall talkin about ? Tristans beats aint the same .. you dont know what music is .. Tristan, keep doin ur thing man ;)

  12. Ur beats sound similar to Lex Luger’s

  13. i like this one..keep the beats comin!!…P.S. this beat sounds different than his other beats..the other ones sound similar but this one is different…so aksoy, if you dont like it dont listen to the tristan beats, move on to the other ones….lol but what evs…good stuff..payce

  14. all of ur beats are the same…. sad sad sad

    @aksoy, agree 2 similar

    @aksoy, Um this beat sounds nothing like the other ones I have on here? I’ve already stated that I’m not making east coast or underground shit if that’s what you’re implying I should do.

    @Tristan, dig this yo shit slap regardless so fukem….

  15. You are a beast my friend.

    @sylar ii, Thanks

    @Tristan, Check out how I murdered this with one verse. Even used your tag as part of the verse. [url][/url]

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