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Can't You Understand (With Hook)

Feb 06 2011 | BPM: 89 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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27 Feedback

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Mellow beat with live acoustic guitars and pianos over acoustic drums. Hook by Chelsea Davis. Produced by Slavebell and JB.

Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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27 Feedback to “Can't You Understand (With Hook)”

  1. over the counter pill identifier

  2. sick beat, check out my new song …..

  3. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

  4. ayo atomic, i heard your beat on that recent raywj video bro, could you help me out, im tryna build my youtube and need a placement with em, let me know, thanks

  5. Love the beat.. started writing on it.. felt perfect and then the tags popped up in the middle of everything.. :(
    Because of the tags making this beat unusable for anyone without a license.. I’ll give it a 4. It’s worth 6/5 though! Awesome work!

  6. here goes the same old story
    bring in the new
    just here me out
    im gonna lay it out tonight..
    lay it out tonight….
    everytime i try to work it out…
    these simple fights and all the doubt…
    im gonna lay it out tonight
    cant you understanddd………..

  7. It’s a… piece of… pffffff


    I luv it! Really nice. ^^

    @pomy87, Lyrics could be:
    Here goes the same old story,
    ……………. new just hear me out
    I’m gonna layin it all tonight (layin it all tonight)
    Everytime I try ????? ………………..
    It’s simple fighting all the time …… ???
    Cant you understand?
    Why can’t you undestand?!
    That’s all. :$ :D
    Help me to solve this “puzzle”! ^^

    @pomy87, I think you’re almost there,man
    this is my guess dunno

    Here goes the same old story
    Praying the good just hear me out
    I’m gonna lay it out tonight (lay it out tonight)
    Every time I try to work it out
    It’s simple fighting all the doubt (I’m gonna lay it out tonight)
    Can’t you understand?
    Why can’t you understand?Have I lost your hand? x2

  8. The rating is definitely possessed !

  9. beat is great,and so is the hook,but i can some understand some words she saids…can ya give me the lyrics? 10/10 though(:

  10. whats she say in the beat say to me ??

  11. Lyrics would be awesone =)

  12. yeeees this bieatssss very oooold!!!!!!!

  13. nice.. 5/5. listen my beats too, pls>:D<

  14. “Atomic Beats”…your tags be killing me. Anyway, this is pretty dope.. The Mix on the vocals ain’t bad…but I they could use a lil more compression and a little more EQ’n and panning….just my persopi. I fux with it though….dope shit. You keep a wide variety of people/talent on your Hooks…which is a great thing!


    @thagrammargod, honestly we was ready to put just one tag at gegining and end but we was adviced not to do so… So yeah…lol
    And for mix i can agree once again… We hav quality pople and pro engineers working on mixes so i’m really happy with everrything sept mix. But we (producers) couldn’t agree on how this should sound so it turned up like this…lol
    But its not bad at all in my opinion, i would just keep kick at normal “level” since is live drums. But other wanted it to kick harder. And we recorded cymbals and hat only with over head mics not with mics especially for everything so we couldn’t do alot better.
    But hey like i said before, they had big trroubles with live drums on Love The Way You Lie (second version) so im happy…lol
    Sorry cos of big post

    @Atomic Beats, no problem at all Fam… I appreciate the insight… I also appreciate the fact that you even dialogue with the cats on here when you post your Tracks. Most Producers just post and dash….and you MIGHT hear from them if you have a problem purchasing their music, but other than that?…feel me? I checked your Site out and you seem to conduct B-I pretty professional. Props…

  15. lotta haters i just wrote a fresh 16 to dis 6/5

    @carroll, Great! If you record it pls let us hear it

    @Atomic Beats, gonna be done later dis week :}

  16. I love it 10/10
    Can I have the lyrics,please? :)

    @bishr2038, 10/10 and our rate is 2.5… I don’t know who is giving us bad rates all the time…
    Anyway, thx, i’ll send the lyrics soon

  17. Hard autotune like that is a bit played out..probably should’ve humanized it a bit more.

    @vanillax, Yeah i agree, but hook was made before beat. It would be betteer to have more humanized hook especialy cos of live drums and other instruments but we couldn’t re-recorrd it

    @Atomic Beats, i dig da hook

    @carroll, Me too
    The hook is great as it is

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