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To The Max

Feb 10 2011 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Tristan
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Crunk trap beat with brass chords and melting synths over heavy hitting 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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10 Feedback to “To The Max”

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  3. Tristan is a beast… bro i listen to all of your beats off top and this one is raw bra. on the real one of the best beats i flow to. this one is definitely in my top 3. on the real im all over this beat. cant tell you how much i love this beat… keep that shit comin homie…. this beat is definitely to the max

  4. man i know u be havin hella people askin you to check out what they did on your track but im sayin this the first thing i ever layed down in the studio and for real mean alot you could check it out tell me what u think its just a rough draft i bought the track seperation but my lap top cant burn cds and the files to big to send in a email to my producer, there couple fuck ups that need to be touched up but you probley wont even notice um and anyone else who checks it out all critsisam appricated

  5. this beat is dope , horrorcore ? really now ? look i dont knock shit but isnt mars like the only dude thats even close to being any good , oh wait and you i bet?

  6. Bunch of idiots posting on comments on this beat.. This shit is dope, fuck what anyone says.. Keep doing your thing Tristan!

  7. aye this shit is beastin bro i fucks wit it

  8. horrible beat

  9. dude really? i dont care about what u said but dont talk about young jeezy he is a good rapper he actually motivates the thugs an the streets real talk take tim an listen to what he rappin bout all he rap about is the “hood” cuz he motivate the “hood” he helps the “hood” he donates money to the “hood” tahts why the gansta az niggahs be likin him cuz they feel wat he rap bout they know what he been through same shit they be going through an shit he raps bout somethin not just nothin bitch so get ya head right before you talk about a hard as niggah like my niggah jeezy bitch

  10. what i dont get is why people keep makin these gay ass jeezy and gucci type beats this shit be back and man you be on fire makin dem bangers you should try horrocore stop wastin time on this bullshit dont waste your talent on a style of rap that is so repitive and garbage as well as trash go back to the old tupac biggie bone thugz easy e type shit music now a days is trash as well dont no one know music spittin about the same shit different nigga same lyrics waye - garbage gucci garbage jeezy garbage soulja girl - garbage 50 cent - half dolla broke nigga gay z with his cockafella records - garbage nas is good pac is good bone is good tech is good biggie an pun i know i done forgot alot of mutha fuckas even underground rappers are better then this mainstream bullshit justin beiber gets way more credit then what the hell hes worth and other people writin his shit kill that fagget too but on some real shit keep droppin these mutha fuckin trax an keep that shit gangsta like i said dont waste time on bullshit your fire your one of the best producers on dis bitch came in new and started settin shadowville on fire peace

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