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Feb 12 2011 | BPM: 64 | Producer: Tristan
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17 Feedback

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Slow trap beat with classical piano chords throughout layered with eerie synths and dark orchestral brass hits over 808 drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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17 Feedback to “Burr”

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  2. casket lid droppin to them haters’ carrer/im a 15 year old rapper swag sharper than shears/young solo from the valley pistolvania bruh im bangin/shout out to 717 where white tee is hangin/props to tristan on the track his swag gunnin full attack/the defense has no plan and will fall for the trap/in the trap youll find me at not slingin the crack/im spittin crazy rhymes tryin to make some paper stack… hmu

    Hit Me Up On Soundcloud.


  4. Ali Dem Rapper City
    Tgjith Rreperat Po Bashkon
    Ne Nje Lidhje Te Vetme
    Qe Quhet GanGsta Zone

  5. I gotta say this one is dark as fuck…

  6. yo’ that ish is raw!! but y dont it sound mor intense

  7. Bitch why don’t come over here.
    I will make you disappear..
    sriaght into the atmosphere.
    Ima fucking Buccaneer,
    The last standing Musketeer
    So fucking savi,
    Bitch Im Like Vladimir

    This My Rap here
    So clean like cashmere
    That bitch sat on my lap here
    I bent her over like a pap smear
    Yess im that clear
    Put it in back there

    @brysonthejerk, bruh this aint makin no sense work on your lyrics. hit me up on soundcloud.

  8. No doubt you’re my favorite beat master dude, you know I be droppin tracks to this every damn day!

  9. Mann I definitely wanna work w/ u bruh, but da money comin in slow so… umma jus wait.. maybe do a couple tracks & send em 2 u jus 2 see what u think!

  10. this shit hits hard. yup. pimp, dope, ill, tight, G, off the hinges….yup.. diggin this.

  11. No offense man but your beats are way repatitive

    @bumblebeekilla, repetitive or not his tracks are what im lookin for. deep bass, synth, drumlines, all that

  12. sick beat,
    but you should try a little more variation tho’
    most of your beats sound identical


  13. tight, i love your snare rollz

  14. much much better but still a bit tainted with jezzy i’ll give you whole 5/5

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