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Three Sixty Five

Feb 15 2011 | BPM: 77 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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12 Feedback

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Southern organs, wah guitars, and soft piano with epic strings over steady 808 drums.

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12 Feedback to “Three Sixty Five”

  1. im from the south and this sound rite here is whats up, BEATG33KZ get at me i have a few questions

  2. Yea Lyr1x, you made the beat sound shity…Just cause you can afford a beat doesnt mean you know what to do with it….stay tuned for the real shit “Alienated Don’s”

    Here is the OFFICIAL track to this one right here! Thanx for this amazing beat. BEATG33KZ FOR THIS BAD ASS BEAT!

  4. Lol @ you getting personal, how anyone think your on the same level as Diamond or Sinima is beyond me, these people craft songs man, your beats (with the occasional exception) sound like they were done in an hour.

    This isn’t me hating, clearly you’ve got some fans and respect or you wouldn’t be featured on here, so maybe I’m missing your appeal, but you ain’t gotta get personal lmao.

    @youngziggy, “poorest on shadowville by a considerable margin” & “amateur”

    excuse me for not replying with “cheers mate”

    @Beatg33kz, I LOL’d

  5. That’s crazy ! I find it hard to believe someone could call ya’ll weak . I think BeatG33ks got some of the sickest beats on this site ! I’ll prove it too when I show how these beats were meant to be freaked . Keep banging ‘em out !

    @j-lyric-l, preciate it. not too concerned with what some douchebag teenager from Scotland thinks of my shit.

    @Beatg33kz, lol he said the poorest yea right you sold lots of beats and your
    style is good fits very well

  6. This isn’t as weak as your other stuff but with all due respect I’d you/yall are the poorest on Shadowville by a considerable margin.

    Just seems amateur generally or like it was written as the sountrack for a circus troupe.

  7. Were did you get this piano man? That beat is very nice 5/5

  8. cold

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