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Through the Looking Glass

Feb 17 2011 | BPM: 136 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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48 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Symphonic strings, piano, and chimes build up to an epic hook and emotional bridge.

Moods: Epic, Inspiring, Sad
Genres: Pop, R&B, Urban

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48 Feedback to “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. sick beat, check out my new song …..

  2. wat up man i noticed the beat is unavailable..where else can i get it or when will it be available let me kno

  3. workin with this beat a little

    hey homie by chance u got dis beat@devinb87,

  4. here it is.

  5. dis beat nice rapper name june bug new rapper and im hot on da streets wait 2 u c mi in action stay tune

  6. Quick spit me and my dude made for this beat, check it out and let us know if you like it, keep up the good beats Beatg33kz!

  7. It’s sweet, could work with that.

  8. x2
    You aint neva seen a swag so official gotta hundred round drum an it hit all ya soft tissue(yeah)/
    Eating up rappers nuthin but food and fools
    You think ya goons go hard wait an see my platoon
    Verse 1
    I cause a 3-8-7 wit Mac 11’s half a clip’ll have u shreeded matszeralla into chedder A mix combination or jus one gun im debating know i’m sick but you da patient big seringe i turkey bastem What you hearin now is the best up to date wit all these other young rappers who jus out here tryin ta make Im da realist dont be fakein an i dont do being patient but money is my motive so i get it only daily part of me was angry an the world became so shadey now i’m in da studio maken hits like Drizzy Drake be now i stay getting da ladies cus da money makem crazy If hateing ya occupation den dis is how i take it
    You aint neva seen a swag so official gotta hundred round drum an it hit all ya soft tissue(yeah)/
    Eating up rappers nuthin but food and fools
    You think ya goons go hard wait an see my platoon
    Jus first veres got the second half already done find on facebook Kimani V Gresham

    @youngplayboi, might want some better lyrics. jackass rappin about how money is ur motive when ur rappin to a beat that u cant sell cuz u havent even purchases the license

  9. Check out the song i did to this beat. Beat: Through The Looking Glass. Song: Over My Head - Flip9 ft Chelsea Stone

    nice song huh..

  10. i was hoping kraftwerk! :D

  11. love

  12. LOL.. Yo..
    For a minute I was about to snap.
    I also have a beat titled “Through the Looking Glass.”
    It’s available on my soundclick page if you wanna peep it.

    I thought someone was biting my track.
    Shit was about to Get Real in this Bitch.. LOL

    Sick Beat though, I love the piano work. ~1

    Correction: is my beats page.

    It was a VIP like my other one but there was a problem with PayPal & SC.
    I’m currently in the process of sorting that out, for the 4th time in a month..

  13. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  14. check out my channel,subscribe!

  15. BRUH! I LIKE DAT!!!

  16. Wow, just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  17. this shit makin me want to rap out my azz

  18. nice beat ese!

  19. This beat seriously took me right out of the worst writers block i’ve ever had thanks here’s what we came up with

    Moontown Crooks

  20. hey man check out what we did with the beat is a spanish track

  21. Watz apz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. WHOOOAA!!!!

  23. Great Job dude, greeting’s to you

  24. wla bang love song d2… na mganda

  25. this shit is sick. im in love with this beat. it takes me down the rabbit hole

  26. I dont think we arranged it properly it was hard to figure out


    Im In A Rap Group Called GTO (Ghostown Originals. A Friend And I Finished A Track To This Song Yesterday ^^^

  28. Haha, you made this out of the “It’s too late to apologize”-song

  29. Beast beat. I can never find the right hook, never. But I can always find a good hook with your beats they just flow so well. Great job 5/5

  30. best

  31. Fuckin’… Impressive…. The bridge is …. Wow…. Just respect.

  32. Best beat that I have heard from you yet. Please do more in this style. Thanks.

  33. wow! im in love with this beat. simply amazing. best beat up on SVP right now hands down. took this a diff direction n did good! 11/10!

  34. dope, this ones got some depth to it, not that your others dont,this one sounds almost like a new approach from your norm.

  35. Amazing!

  36. ohh my god! it’s incredible! 100000/5 !

  37. Maybe I spoke too soon, this is a pretty hot beat and the change on the hook space is hot. 4/5.

  38. The best beat when i ever head. you’re genius.

  39. Beast beat 5/5

  40. beatg33kz you da man!….keep it up>>>you gotta lotta talent.
    -Take AdVantage

  41. woww!yeah this beat is an epic,,great!!

  42. This is the sickest beat on Shadowville hands down! you did work beatg33kz! props to you! might even buy the beat!!

  43. Cheers to the faggot who came in and 1-star’d it but couldn’t build up enough internet rapper confidence to leave a comment

    @Beatg33kz, I give it a half-star. lol naw juss messin wit ya, this tha best beat I heard from ya. Everythang bout it is cold n tha keyz are killin it. Strong hook, what a way to start my Friday! 5/5

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