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Ear Bleed

ON SALE: $200 | BPM: 82 | Producer: 2Deep
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9 Feedback

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Dark piano and electric guitars with bells over hard hitting drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Sad

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9 Feedback to “Ear Bleed”

  1. High profile beat u know what im sayin! Goodb for a lyrical battle nd destructin, alright!

  2. sikkkkk

  3. I was freestyling to this the other day. Might turn it into a song,

  4. I like it.. no matter what anyone said

    the drums kick me off well :)… it depends on the rapper who gets on it…
    i could kill this shit.. :) but anyways

    I felt the hook could be heavier .. more sounds on it.. like more feeling

  5. This would be an even better instrumental if the drum-line flowed bit more in harmony with the piano. But definitely usable.

  6. Ehh…same shit all the time,it’s gettin boring…most of these beats sound like fcken computerish,very artifficial instruments and there is nothing catchy in them or maybe you r makin beats for lil wayne…hmm great. I show u an example of east hip hop music that is rising now, check out this polish shit. New song from march,and you can hear the real hip hop music,as BIL L is sayin…

    @lewik, I mean BIG L ,missclick ;)

    @lewik, this shit hot, stop bitchin

    @mwtrboy, hot…lolz,i hope you have heard atleast one real hip hop song.
    which of his beats is not hot for u then? sure u dont even see the difference between the hh and r&b.
    I am not bitchin,just tellin my opinion.U thinnk that comments as yours help artists ?
    Sure,cuz of them ,artist can make a huge progres and eliminate the mistakes ;)

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