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Killer Instinct

Mar 11 2011 | BPM: 97 | Producer: Smoke
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80 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Distorted synths, strings, and dark pads with pianos and electric guitars over hard hitting east coast drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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80 Feedback to “Killer Instinct”

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  3. Damn I would love to download it and use it as wake up alarm :D

  4. hey smoke, plz make a part 2 of this beat

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  6. I need This Beat but its Unavailable now ! what can i do now?

  7. My track on this beat —>

  8. killa

  9. cool

  10. nice flow

  11. i like it

  12. that killer trak is crazy homie…get at me facebook/kendoTaf Kendo!

  13. Damn I been listenin to your beats for years bro, you inspired me to do it for reals, and this is why, still sick as ffuck.

  14. check this out and find out its about lol

  15. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  16. good stuff

  17. check out my channel,subscribe!

  18. smoke i like it ,very good,wanna see like this in the future,was great



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  23. Check out what i did with this shadowville beat.

    i feel ya spirit. the songs are good. love them.


  25. real talk i never comment…but ima start…yall need to record to this beat while yall can get some shit cuz just about all of yall talk mad shit instead of supporting each other like you should but with all seriousness im finna crush dreams when i drop this track give it a week its already written i just gotta go to duval to record it…ya know cuz im a real artist i dont record at home with a low grade mic on acid or magix…

    on a more positive tip smoke this shit is a raw ass beat 10s across the board real talk big ups

    @greezykid, u talk madd shit ya self. support the hustle. dont hate on cats who do make use of what they got, bitch azz niga

  26. the sex was great

  27. do you remember last night

  28. i ll suck my dick than yours

  29. lick your azz clean

  30. i ll lick your booty whole

  31. i like it face down azz up

  32. i suck dick i ll suck yours

  33. this beat compliments my flow good shit

  34. cool

  35. a man diz doper den a kush bag bro

  36. I love this Shit !!!

  37. Killer fuckn beat bro!!!

  38. niiiice

  39. yahoo plz

  40. niceee,what is your id?


  42. pecka instro

  43. You got skills!


  45. nice baet

  46. Ah this beat is too sick, I know I already commented on this, if there is anyone I can get this on hold I will buy this beat soon as I get paid. This beat is LEGIT! Thank you Smoke!!!

    @j_murderous, anyway**

  47. fat beat !! :D

  48. hola hermano buen beat siga asi y palante

  49. shits gonna hit the fan, an i think boy you need to understand,its me with the upperhand, you with
    the stiff lip, can’t fix it, to late now, to go away now, im insane and im loving it, killer instinct
    with 2 fingers in front of it.

  50. Who wants too kill this beat with me???

  51. The title says it all. 5/5

  52. great beat :)

  53. strait sick ass beat fool wish i could afford to exclusive it

  54. after long time you back great

  55. that’s Crazy dude.

  56. Damn dude ,
    You’re a little bit sicker .. Than MOST !

  57. hahaha, smoke you sneaky motherfucker :D dude avoids contact with this site for at least 2 months, and then, suddenly, he drops in with absolute banger and disappears again… lolz. what, inhaling weed got you lazy to keep up with your talent? :D 10/10 bro, nothing but sickness… ;)

  58. yeeeaaa very wonderfull this beat bro

  59. Thanks for all the feedback, always appreciated

    @Smoke, great job cuzzo .one of da best beat’s da i heared

  60. glad to hear you drop another one bro. Im loving this

  61. welcome back

  62. Smoke is back - Edd is glad - smack that !

  63. Holy muthafuckin shit!!!!! welcome back smoke. Sick ass beat.


    @dok holmes always,
    used this beat 4 my mixtape

  65. SMOKE hahaha.. sick shit.. love it.. finally a super DARK beat in shadowville

  66. Top class beat, fucking crazy 5/5

  67. Finally.. back :)

  68. nice beat man

  69. ima eat this track up….great work SMOKE

  70. best, nice work

  71. I’m glad to see you back ! You already know this shit is fire !

  72. Damn I thought this nigga died! lol

  73. this is some fuckin ill shit….good to see you still around Smoke….5’s

  74. Fuck

    @dok holmes always, Ik Right shit is fucking Nuts.

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