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9th Circle Of Hell

Mar 13 2011 | BPM: 88 | Producer: hala-X
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19 Feedback

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Hypnotic and frantic orchestral bells with chopped choirs and strings over thumping bass and drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Frantic
Genres: Underground

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19 Feedback to “9th Circle Of Hell”

  1. omg what a niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beat .. this is the best beat of all time ♥

  2. Dziewięć kręgów piekła dla tego bitu to za mało ;p Zajebisty bicik ;p 5/5

  3. dammm dope fucking track !!!!!1

  4. http://Www.GhomayshiNews.Vcp.Ir ——- > I like it

  5. This beat is hella dope!!! I gotta great track in mind for this….I wuld love to purchase this beat but was wondering if there was any way other than thru the internet to do so…well holler at me!

  6. damn hala-X, have you ever made a bad beat, I’ve never heard one…so psychedelic, so divine and yet so hell ;) keep on good work

  7. Nice beat, Check this out

  8. this beat is some tuff shyt yooo…..i been following your music for accouple of months now n fux with it hard .is there anyway you can email me

  9. Dude this is the fuckin sickest shit out there…. jaw dropping to say the least. Unlucky for you, I’m out of money at the moment, or this would be an instant purchase..

  10. IN-FUCKING-SANE!!!!! You make all your fans wait but when you deliver a beat its fucken AMAZING! Beautiful work Hala!

  11. kickass …… !!

  12. I though the beat would be getting bored , but it changes often which makes it perfect. these people just dindt try their verse. fail

  13. Thank you Hala

  14. yes man SUPER BEATS

    i can feel some of ur older beats coming out SUPER DOPE now!!>.. i got a feeling!!

  16. Jesus! This is insane. Good to have you back and active Hala.

  17. I feel like I’m in a straight jacket with headphones over my ears with the volume maxed out, my eyes are closed and I can’t escape the madness. I then open my eyes to see a about 100 roaches on a small crowded dirty dinner plate singing this high pitched song called 9th Circle Of Hell. The title is named appropriately.


  19. neck snapper.. 5/5..

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