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Dream Chaser Pt. II

Mar 17 2011 | BPM: 115 | Producer: Slantize
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27 Feedback

No longer available for download.Play Now

Inspirational mute guitars with a bit of piano, strings, and synths over steady pop drums.

Genres: Club, Pop

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27 Feedback to “Dream Chaser Pt. II”

  1. love this why is it unavailable?




  4. AMAZING!!!

  5. dope ass beat

  6. Slantize, you HAVE to hear the track I dropped on this one! Purchased the synch license. Send me your email address to and I’ll shoot you the mp3!!! It’s called “Can’t Get Enough” I think it’s a sure HIT!!!! Holler at me ASAP!

    we got them dope beatsfor ya, check us out at great beats for great prices, add us on facebook/acesbeatz get at us!

  7. Yo! Why is the licensed version not the same tempo?!?!

  8. This beat is amazing, it fits into my life perfect. The sound is so pop but with the right kind of rap/r&b style it can be a hit. 5/5

  9. This beats dope man. perfect for love songs keep it up!

  10. Good work. Keep it up

  11. I’m doing a full album titled “Letters to Mars”. it’s promotional of course so it’s gonna be free, free c.d.’s free downloads. I’ll make sure to send it to everyone in shadowville. it’s ALL shadowville beats, got my FAVORITES from ADP,Slantize,Adamack,Hala-X, Beatg33kz and More…. but this beat right here…. FUCKING INCREDIBLE! TITLE TRACK! 5/5! DAMN SLANTIZE, I didn’t know ya had it in ya boy! :-D so yeah, I’m writing my title track “letters to mars” to this beat right here!!!

    gotta try harder boss

    @dok holmes always, I like that melody… Def see potential on that idea

    @ADP, This is going to be finished in about a week. Let me know what you think of the hook. I put a bit of a spin on it.

    @ADP, thanks man, Feel free to whatever you like about it, if you want.
    I probly owe someone a melody or two around here.

    @dok holmes always, by that I mean i owe the producers of svp,
    relating to the non profit use of thier beats I’m so well known for.

    @dok holmes always, I got the vocals too, if you wanted those
    4 any reason.

    @dok holmes always, nah no need bro I don’t really have time to make new beats for me lol I likes the melody tho

  13. Love it. It’s hard for me to write happy feel good songs but you did it so wonerfully. Thanks for doing what u do. This song makes me happy.

  14. funky beat lol , thumbs up ,

  15. wow, amazing, that hook could write itself. 5/5

    @dok holmes always, no game, I could write about 20 different dope ass hooks for that melody in no time ;-)

  16. Uh oh…. Slant getting serious againnn! Bout time.

  17. EXCELLENT!!! you did it again Slant, whats your secret to making these masterpeices lol

  18. Slantize - your beatz are like crack rocks <–

  19. Dope! String melody is awesome

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