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Nothing Else

Mar 21 2011 | BPM: 90 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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14 Feedback

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A Balkan inspired beat with steel drums, brass, strings, and synths over lots of percussion. Produced by Jb.

Genres: Club, Pop, Urban

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14 Feedback to “Nothing Else”

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  3. Lasix

  4. Who owns it now? I might buy it if it’s not used now?

  5. Hey, I just purchased a lease for the beat “Nothing Else,” and I’m trying to put it to a recording program I have, but it is not allowing me to do it for some reason. Please help, thanks.

  6. im interested in doin hooks for u if u want.. i can show u samples if u e mail

  7. sick beat famo. nod ya head type beat.

    we got them dope beatsfor ya, check us out at great beats for great prices, add us on facebook/acesbeatz get at us!

  8. love the r2 sample man.

  9. Very different, catchy hook, somethin to get real creative to, good work bro

  10. My origins come from Serbia and I totaly feel this beat ! :D Thanks, 5/5 ;)

    check us out at great beats for great prices, add us on facebook/acesbeatz get at us!

  11. I like it. hooks crazy, diggen that scream at the end of the hook cycle

    @dok holmes always, that’s R2D2 from Star Wars :D

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