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City Of Shadows

Mar 22 2011 | BPM: 88 | Producer: Slantize
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30 Feedback

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Dark, mute guitar and hypnotic arpeggio synths with strings over steady hard hitting drums.

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30 Feedback to “City Of Shadows”

  1. Paint a Collage…
    My voyage is camouflage…
    Bomboyage too my entourage

  2. Please check this when ya’ll get a chance and leave feedback. I’d like to know ur take on this song!

    @kb23, Sorry bout the first link. Try this. Thanks!

  3. why u stop makin beats man . ur site fallin right now man
    u should back better than the past days

  4. hola saludos de chile grabe una cancion con ese beat esta muy bueno exelente trabajo . si deceas escucharla mandame un mensaje .. buena suerte!!

  5. Bit different! Straight well done! In more would be such!)

  6. ko hay mấy

  7. very nice d:)

  8. Heello I is Kazahstan i no ingelis love shadows i beat maker

  9. Dawg slantize WHERE you at?! miss you bitch

  10. nice beat men!

  11. ……..

  12. Dobre ucho koleżko. Trudno zrobic dobry bit a jednak wychodzi. Nawijam Potrzebuje kogos takiego jak ty . Nie Sprzedaje chciwie kazdej płyty . Poprostu Chca Płaca nie mają bez znaczenia wazne ze sie podoba i motywuje. Typowe podziemie na zawsze . Masz ochote wspolpracowac daj znac to wysle jakas nute gg7480835 Łapa

  13. this is nasty in a badass way


  15. nice beat fam. I remember a while back that you said you would try and keep your beats tag free, but that shadowville tag is pretty dope man. Shadowvilles big in the game, and i see it as more of shadowvilles presence on the beat than a tag, self-representation! Booooooom.

  16. Solid beat, 4/5.

    @youngziggy, and i give ur rymes 5 out of ten g ur saaying the same shit as everyone else

    @joshuab, u aint even broke a thousand views yet g come on i ant trrying to talk shit but put it where it goes these guys make money online u sold a song yet its been six months

    @youngziggy, dog where is ur work at u got youtube u got an awful lot of criticism so did the last troll his name was dimo mabey u know him im sure that there really wieghing on your opinion to lol. make ur own beats an slantize this shits dope


    Mate I think your tripping, I just posted Solid Beat….lol I work in town at a business mate, my music is just a part-time hobby right now. I think you got the wrong guy or something dawg.

  17. this is hella nice hit me up am a young artist from portland

  18. Dope

  19. Excellent work on the drums Slant, that intro got me so hooked on this beat. 5/5

  20. damnnnn sooo sick

  21. ayo Slant, you should let me get this for free. I’m about to be signed to a label soon. Probably, maybe, I’m lying. 5/5

    @tim treezy, make sure u dont get into debt with a big contract

    @joshuab, hahaha I was joking i dont have a deal. Ppl come on here all the time saying “give me a free beat I’m about to get signed” I was just mocking them.

    @tim treezy, hahaha i thought you were playin before i read the rest

    @semimoto, wud up semi?

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