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Dead Eye

Mar 24 2011 | BPM: 87 | Producer: Beatg33kz
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14 Feedback

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Upbeat chopped brass, bells, strings, and piano over heavy hip hop drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark

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14 Feedback to “Dead Eye”

  1. love it :D but i love most of your beats! Im doing a ap with mostly your beats called Drunk secret agents mother fuxxer

  2. Terrible

    second song in the video. save the better 4 last right?

  4. ahahaha Todd is crazy LOL

  5. God damn. Can’t you atleast just have one tag at the beginning, and remove the rest? FUCK. wasted opportunity. Amazing beat, fuck the tags. wtf.

    @Beatg33kz Are you saved

    @haik2424, buy it

    nah we cheap artists who will never make it in music so we want it for free! lol jk/ if your a real artists and have potential and actually passionate about your music youll drop the couple bucks to lease it come on now wtf up with these kids

  6. I’m Glad i give this 20 listens.

    @dok holmes always, i ment gave this 20 listens.

  7. I’mma do it Slantize way : “My favorite beat of the week”

  8. this is sum old style g shit wit a mix of sum new shit. this iz ill my nigga

  9. now this is fucking ill

  10. OH SHIT! Todd is at it again with another BANG to the ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! Sick shit man! Your beats are allways strange, but in a good way.. Ain’t heard nobody with a style like yours.. Keep doing what u do man!

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