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Ain't Goin Back

Mar 30 2011 | BPM: 86 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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13 Feedback

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Light electric guitar stab beat with synths over upbeat drums.

Genres: Club, R&B, Urban

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13 Feedback to “Ain't Goin Back”

  1. nine diamond your beats are explosive epic and great intros if i ever get on iam givin u guys acall ya the best ….indoworld


  3. omg these tags!!!, nine your such a horrible person for covering your ass and hard work i hate your beats now!!! i cant lease it cuz im a wack rapper that will never amount to anything and dont take my craft serious…

    @semimoto, that is what yall sound like getting hella annoying!
    i mean i love tags either but damn if you wanna get some where cop a lease! shit its easy

  4. i love dis beat !

  5. aye dude i need a gangsta beat wit a hook…hook that up for meh!

  6. I love it ;)

  7. that bubble gum shit sucks man

  8. something about this reminds me of Lets ride by the Game O_o

    @cmliedtke, i like how u think

  9. Before even Reading Lyr1x’s Comment I was planning on writing along the same lines as well. As a Producer it is just as much as a creative expression as those writing and performing the lyrics. The Idea of instrumentals are to give off a vibe; an artistic expression in itself. When I vibe to instrumentals trying to get deep in the emotion the producer is setting so as an artist I can paint the picture with words, I find it discouraging and impossible to keep in the creative mindset for what I am trying to paint with words. As a Painter it is like watching the sunset planning on painting it on canvas. beginning to draft out the colors and shapes on the actual canvas. It is as if a bird flew by and shit on the canvas as I am adding the colors. I can’t mix Green bird shit into my orange colors, because then the painting is not going to be the color of the sun I am trying to paint. Relate that to this. If I am trying to get a listener deep into what I am expressing they get jerked back into reality when they constantly keep hearing some “Golden Promo Voice” Going Hey BUBBLE GUM TIME!! 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Etc… while I am trying to explain a hard time that people can relate too.. If you create good instrumentals that people will want to use your work will shine. 5% of “Music Artists” in this world are able to buy beats at will for demo purposes and expressing their passion, some people use music to help people without even being signed on youtube and such. . I love a lot of your beats and also I love sinima beats but sometimes don’t use them because Girls voice in end and how much “Sinima” jumps through. Hala-x and 2Deep are hands down best Producers on this Site due to fact they let their Instrumentals shine for themselves and have a good product that make people go Damn who made this shit, it goes hard. a little Shout in beginning is cool. let the artist take it from there. Are you producing these instrumentals for commercial purposes and to make money or are you expressing your creativeness and artisticness for love of music. This is not directed only at you, because many do it. But I feel that you can produce amazing instrumentals that can Shine and get recognized because many artists I personally know turn down your beats for demos and using on mixtapes do to they can’t express what they want. the more people use your free beat. the more exposure. I know I am not the only one feeling this way. and in no way is this disrespect or hate, I love your beats

    could not agree more with this! a tag at the beggining isnt a bad thing but when its throughout the beat and as annoying and retarted as nines tag its extremely discouraging. Way too much, mine as well have some annoying shouting the whole time..

  10. Great Beat! Never buy beats without getting on the tagged version version first but i wont do it to any of yours now bc the FUCKIN TAGS ARE TO LONG AD STUPID say your name plz and thats it bro you dont need all the other stuff.

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