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Mile Away

Mar 31 2011 | BPM: 66 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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27 Feedback

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Inspirational beat with atmospheric bells and heavy bass saws track with electric guitar over slow riding 808 drums.

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27 Feedback to “Mile Away”

  1. wow love this beat…

  2. Im still lovin this beat.

  3. just perfect beat..!

  4. HOOOT!

  5. ur beats arent even worth listening too anymore


  6. I liked this.

  7. I dig this but I have to agree the tags are a little out of hand. I understand you’re protecting your product but if someone really wants to make a song and sell it they will regardless of the tags and not buy the beat. But for those of us who record at home and just make songs to throw on a site like myspace or facebook for people to hear without the intent to make any money what so ever and can’t afford to pay $300 a pop for a beat it sucks. Under the free use clause on this site free use is allowed as long as credit is given and a lot of people do give the propper credit to the producer without the need for 50 tags on a beat doing it for them. If I tried writing to this I really feel I’d be instantly turned off by the tags in the background of the song even if I planned on buying or leasing the beat after I wrote to it. You don’t know if you want to purchase it untill you know you can make something good from it otherwise you just wasted your money dude.

    Damn seriously $2,000 for exclusive rights to this?


    @t0st0, amaazing beat.

  9. it’s time to take off the tags and chew bubblegum

  10. “It’s time to buy beats & chew bubble gum.. and I’m all out of gum.”

  11. i really really feel this beat man. great job. can you please shorten the tags or eliminate some of them


  13. I feel this beat :(.. Love it

  14. My favorite beat of the week

    @Slantize, Sweeeeet

    @Nine Diamond, can i just pay a fee to use the beat for non- profit with the hook and no tags?

  15. AMAZING ! respect ;) Btw, you wanna hear what real taggin is ? check one song and you will thank to 9diamond ;) 5/5

  16. Tags on rythym aint bad, but oddly placed tags wont work, for anyone

  17. So tech n9ne is my favorite rapper. He has a couple songs that have this kinda feeling to it. So i start listining to this beat PRAYING that you shortened your tags, heres wat happened.

    At the begining i heard the stupid bubbble gum thing, i was like ok yeh he needs one at the begining. Then, a WHOLE MINUTE of the beat played with NO TAG. i was rapping to it since i am highly inspired by Tech N9nes rapping styles, and it was sounding great. Like, i wanna almost buy this beat right now, great. A lil bit later and i hear another long ass tag i was like damn why does he not listen to us and just shorten them or change them bc they suck, i was like ok only one so far besides the begining. And then it happened… 30 seconds later, another dumb ass long tag. this one was highly unnessicary, we just heard it say instant hits just add lyrix. then it went awhie longer and it was awhile b4 there was another one.

    In conclusion, Nine Diamond is an amazing producer and i have alot of respect for him and his talents. Nine, you did alot better on this one, seperating them , but im sure i speak for everyone here when i say they really really need to be shortened.

    @lyr1x, It’s to encourage licensing.

    @Slantize, im aware of that, Slantize. im jus saying alot of ppl use the tagged versions of beats on here so they can get feedback from ppl and then other ppl hear it and buy it if they like it or the person who made it will buy it. idk, maybe im bbeing to harsh im rly just sayin he should shorten the tags, they are unnessisarily to long.

    @lyr1x, its still possible to rap over the tags, i hear it all the time :P, most of
    the people who do never end up buying a license anyways

    @Nine Diamond,

    I’ve bought two licenses in the past from you, and I’ve only ever bought 3 in total, because IMO you have the freshest sound on the site, provide some great hooks and real spacey instrumentals. But duuuude, the tags are RIDICULOUS lol. It just puts me off listening to the rest of the beat the minute I hear it :(

    @evanlopez87, yes, of course with more tags you would believe that you would have more purchases, but I have to agree with youngziggy when he said “puts me off listening to the rest of the beat the minute I hear it.” I mean at least make it sound better or shorter. The matter of the fact is if someone likes a beat and wants to do something with it, they are going to buy it. There are 2 kind of people on here, people who just listen and download to screw around with,(no intention to buy beats) and people who are searching for new beats to buy, (more artist types.) I say that if you shorten the tags, make them sound better, something, you will actually get more buys, respect as one of the best producers on shadowville, and quality of how actually amazing your beats are. The tags just wack.

    @youngziggy, @Lyr1x… You can speak for everyone once, your point & Opinion was expressed in a previous instrumental… Leave it at that, it turns into annoying childish bantering and almost harassment.. at the end of day you can see views from both perspectives.. It is complicated for unsigned artists and no Cash, Deal with it. there was a day artists didn’t have beats like these at dispense at their fingertips of the internet. I understand the view of encouraging Licensing.. No License, no income, Studio Time is not cheap. End of Story

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