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Tell Me (With Hook)

Apr 05 2011 | BPM: 96 | Producer: Adamack
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17 Feedback

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Uptempo track with lots of busy synths and pads. Hook by Stevie Jay.

Genres: Club, Pop, R&B

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17 Feedback to “Tell Me (With Hook)”

  1. When you gonna put it up for exclusive rights?


    I threw this together :p

  3. what is the full Hook lyrics plz?

  4. I am going to do something with this one… I will contact you

  5. I was thinking about buying the beat w/ hook in about a week

  6. i love needs to be a way we can contact the producer so I can talk with you about some business! very important! I’m serious about my music and I really need to talk with adamack about some collabs. or some Business outside of shadowville and songs I’ve written. I need urgent contact with you so if you are reviewing your feedback PLEASE get back at me asap

  7. i like the hook stevie jay did his thing adamack….well its adamack enough said

  8. Beat is TIGHT ! Hmm .. hook started out very good , but the repetitive * tell me lies, just tell me lies * part kinda ruins it .. but all in all i must rate this with 5 !!!! ;)


  10. The beat is cool, the hook is….decent. I’m not gonna dog on it its not horrible or anything it just kind of lacked energy I suppose. Solid work all around tho dude.

  11. I must be alone in thinking it’s actually a really solid hook, great beat!

  12. hook ??

  13. lI really, really like the beat but not the hook. The beat is very innovative. Could u please post it without the hook?

  14. i dont really like the hook. The beat was awesome. I was waiting for something explosive. bEAT without hook 4/5

  15. Love the beat but i’m sorry (ima agree with John) hook seemed lifeless to me like no emotion i dk maybe its just me?

  16. This sounds like it was an Adamack/Sean Divine collaboration. I really like the beat, but I’m not feeling the hook. Not saying it wasn’t good… it just didn’t blow me away.

    @john gee, yea man i got that sean divine feel too why dont he post on shadowville anymore?

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