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Apr 13 2011 | BPM: 90 | Producer: 2Deep, Beatg33kz
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29 Feedback

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Upbeat piano with horns and a bit of synths with a bit of funk and anthem vibe.

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29 Feedback to “Crackhouse”


    song i made to this beat



  3. this is tha shyt mane ya did yall thing on this one foreal 5/5
    follow @SouthernSound


  5. here is a new music video with a great beat, if you want I can send you the beat for free :D :D

  6. Sick beat, minus Todd

  7. Beat is on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m lovin it!! Check out how this beat got brutalized by true lyricits!

    @funny rapper guy,

  8. I agree, you 2 need to work together some more! good shit… keep it going

  9. Dope Dope Dope!!!!! amazing work

  10. Haaa, DOPE! That horn on the chorus/hook reminds me of Eminem’s song ENCORE with Dre an 50. You two definitely need to work together more. You set the “Crackhouse” on fire 5/5

  11. hahahhaha SWAT hahaha So so so dopeee, for real!


  13. My bad, last comment was sent from the wrong profile…
    That was me^^ ;)
    - 2Deep

  14. Haha, i guess people didnt get that im cool with enzo… Todd or whatever the fuck u wanna call em, hahaha, one of my favorite producers!! And ull be hearing more from us! ;) Thanks for the positive feedback guys!

  15. Good God

  16. just had to comment again..yall are killas together. now if yall hooked up wit hala-x on a one cud fk wit yall….real shit

  17. wwow, 2deep.beatg33kz…great collab..great

  18. New favorite beat of the week :)

  19. “Transformers… Robots, in, disguise”! haha

    @john gee, for real ^^

    @john gee, haha!


    You’re laughing because you agree with me lol.

    @john gee, yes i do..and i had to say it on the rap!

  20. here is a new music video with a great beat, if you want I can send you the beat for free

  21. dope colab, 6/5

  22. 2deep can you made old school beat :) ? This good but your old beats it hmm .. magic :)

  23. WTF… lmao.. beatgeekz and 2deep LMAO… old school meets new!!… sick!!… Motherfucking Dope Beat!!…. LONG TIME SINCE A HEARD A WESTIE LIKE THIS !!!

  24. This beat is crazy!!! I love it man. Is there a reason I recognize this beat? Is there any samples in it or am I losin it?

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