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Ride It

Apr 16 2011 | BPM: 75 | Producer: Nine Diamond
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30 Feedback

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Smooth, retro feel with video game arps and synths and vocoder bass over heavy 808 drums.

Genres: Club, Dirty South, Pop, R&B

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30 Feedback to “Ride It”


  2. sickKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. man nine i love this beat man and consider this one certified cuz im gonna fux wit dis one fosho keep dat shit comin mane fosho!!!!!

  4. And Nine This Beat Is Dope My Dude I Leased It From You Personally Last Night:)

    The Sound Effects Were So Crazy And The Bass Hits Like A Muthafucka

  5. I See A Lotta People Still Upset About The Tags When The Solution To This Problem Is So Simple

    Step 1 Listen To Beat
    Step 2 Decided If You Like It
    Step 3 Click Buy License
    Step 4 Make Payment
    Step 5 Download Tag Free Beat

    Its So Simple INVEST IN YOUR CRAFT Or Quit Whining

    @semimoto, could not be better said!



  7. Not really into club beats, but this is a dope one!

  8. A nine dont worry about these cake ass dudes saying that your beats suck. They just some haters.Your beats is the best on here bro.

  9. Shit goes hard Diamond, killin it homie.

  10. Great beat man. 5/5

  11. I see u use alot Sylenth1, good beat

  12. It takes me weeks to find a beat that I can feel to a specific topic and when I finally find one it got tags thrown in the middle of everything. I respect that you need to mark your beat when it’s free and all but can’t you do it in the beginning and/or end?

    What’s the downside with only tagging at the beginning and end?

    I’d happily tell the world that you made the beat I’m rapping on.. but not in the middle of my lyrics. But I guess you throw it in like that to force people to pay for it if they want it? I don’t mean to sound disrespectful or anything, you do as you please with your creations.

    @frojdish, alot of artists take advantage of free work, and profit from these productions, theirs a large amount of my beats on itunes/bandcamp with my tags still on them being sold, aswell as before when i posted tagless, people were selling my productions without purchasing, and alot of more recent artists just cut out every single tag with audio software, so a majority of the artists are not helping the producer at any point for their production, and it outweighs the amount of decent artists that take music seriously, and who actually do buy licenses, i never tag hook sections, because songs are built around a solid hook, i allow the artist to write a hook with no interruptions and only suggest you purchase a license if you know what you have is something special enough, and you know people will enjoy

    @Nine Diamond, SMFH Thats A Shame, People Like That Will Never Make It Though If You Dont Invest In Yourself Labels Wont Even Think Of Investing In Your Lame Ass

    @Nine Diamond, I had no idea ur beats were being sold on itunes without ur knowledge…I think you can sue for that if its copyrighted if not u should copyright it.But don’t have me tell ya wrong, ur beats are awesome peace

  13. wot key is it in

    @ojaymc, e flat (minor) /F#

  14. sounds like ‘pony’ from ginuwine

  15. Ive heard this before, can’t think of the name of the song though and its killing me -_-…

    @cmliedtke, its the same type of bass used in genuwines “pony” song

    @cmliedtke, Winnipegs Most - All That I Know

    they’re garbage if you ask me, but the beats similar

    @cmliedtke, It’s similar to ayo technology u mean??

    @jadovksey, not so much, but kind of

  16. NICE!

  17. sounds too much like ALL ur beats, u should switch ya style up try to make different genres

  18. hahahahah yeee!!! finally man just what i was lookin for!! i just got done killing this beat im sure youll like it nine ill post it up soon..

  19. Very good, not even going to say anything about the tags :)

  20. very genuine 5/5

  21. straight fire! this is a guarantee hit!! 5/5!!

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