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Lords Of Doom

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 78 | Producer: hala-X
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34 Feedback

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Epic male and female choirs with dark brass over driving percussion over slow riding drums.

Moods: Angry, Dark, Epic

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34 Feedback to “Lords Of Doom”

  1. thats like something from god of war but me and my br will reck this shit

  2. wtf sux

  3. This would be a perfect remix for Syko Sam’s “The Voices” ’cause his original one is another one of these beats, I think it’s called Lethal Operetta Part II or something like that.

  4. Looking for that crazy hip hop rock sound that my band can play while we out on tour opening for P’E this summer …this is Kendo youtube:Kendo/DMC or Kendtaf to see what we working with …leave Us a message @ Line 3 ent or Facebook/kendoTAF..Peace

  5. can u tell me what program you used to make this?
    i am cournetly makeing rap song od that beat you made it is very good

  6. Is this an edited version of Lethal Operetta 2? Either way it’s dope as fuck!

  7. hey guys what do you think of

  8. Such a sick beat Hala. this is what I did w one of your older ones
    but also Ima boxer/boxing trainer. and my sister is a trainer/amature mma fighter. and she blares your instrumentals in her gym all the time. shit gets you pumped. this is her last fight she put it up and actually put your instrumental at the part she started knockin the girl out haha enjoy your Jam starts at 8:38…. while the girl’s mom starts screaming hahahaha! (ill make sure she puts Hala-x in info if she hasn’t yet)

    good lookin out, I like the idea of someones ass getting beat up to my music haha. Nice track.

  9. i like it a lot man. the only thing that bugs my musical side is the delay on the choir hits. they fall off the beat pretty noticeably. thats just me splitting hairs. as far as the track as a whole goes, Its on par with anything on shadowville man.

    Everything here is intended. I like it like that. Only thing I did not intend at 1st here are the drums on the verses, which didd’nt start until 8th bar in every verse. But i figured people would be like “Where are the drums?!” ;)

    @hala-X, I mean in the original version that I had laying around for months that is.

    @hala-X, hala see what you think of this and send it to others if you feel it cool

  10. I love ur beats, they remind me about oldschool… U know what polish people like :) Make more beats like this… :)

    Yeh, I know, as I’m one of THEM ;)


  12. Syko Sam wouldve killed 4 this beat yo. for real

  13. damnnnnnn 6/5

  14. You went hard on this beat.!!! check out how this beat got eaten by true lyricist!!!

    @funny rapper guy,

  15. AMAZING ;) 5/5

  16. and then there was x… 6/5

  17. Sick!!! Love the shitz… love the way you used Cymbals!!.. and how the Lethal Operretta is in co opertated into it.. :)…

  18. this is def Lethal Operretta pt 3

  19. greatings from Poland.!! incredible choirs….Props!

    Sie wie! ;)

    @hala-X, lol, nie wiedziałem że jesteś polakiem ; )

  20. fucking hell!))

  21. check this out its on a shadowville beat =)

  22. here is a new music video with a great beat, if you want I can send you the beat for free

    @gpaul, stop spammin this site bitch

    @dafstylez, real talk

  23. Sounds fuckin evil, i love iiiiiiiiiiiiit

  24. Reminds me of a amp’d up version of that ”Lethal Operetta pt2” beat of yours from 07

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