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Alarm 4 Blaze

ON SALE: $199 | BPM: 112 | Producer: hala-X
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15 Feedback

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Hype chopped up guitar and string sample with uptempo underground drums.

Moods: Frantic
Genres: Underground

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15 Feedback to “Alarm 4 Blaze”

  1. got dayum. enuff said b

  2. what’s the girl saying? i love your beats out of anyone’s i have ever checked out on the internet so far, I love the little voices you throw in those are my kind of beats. i just wish there we more information on what the beats were saying so i could have a theme to my song! :)

  3. Check this verse out, comment and tell me what you think, peace out

  4. the mix of the beat is horrible, sounds like u just threw it together in 2 min, it got potential but aint all that…hop off the mans pee pee lol

  5. A little fast paced for me..but it’s dope as fuck! Haha glad to see the best producer of Shadowville contributing more often to the site.

  6. bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit

  7. Thanks Hala, you did it again. Always listen to your instinct, that’s how you’ve gotten this far. Another GREAT beat. Keep doing your thang.

  8. it’s different but im deffinetely feeling this as fuck…hail hala! braaaaaapp

  9. bullshit

  10. fucking fuck! Like this shit!!!!!
    Hala is still in a game!!!


  12. i just don’t like this beat


    @tracxmarx, co-sign

  14. DOPE!!

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