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Want You Back (With Hook)

Apr 29 2011 | BPM: 69 | Producer: Nine Diamond, Adamack
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13 Feedback

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Electronic hip hop track with live guitar by Adamack and inspirational strings, smooth pads, and synths, over 808 drums. Hook by Young Quis

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13 Feedback to “Want You Back (With Hook)”

  1. bro u snapped and did u use fl studio

  2. im loving this beat AND hook, i definitel plan on buyin atleast a blanket license, im just broke right now

  3. i gotta use dis one !!! tuff work!

  4. Jesus Christ….I need a producer like you….I struggle with making beats,,,This is kick ass…I really wish I had the untagged Version… Awesome work man, Keep Makin awsome shit like this!

  5. Still My Favorite Nine Diamond Track

  6. Bro i need to confess something to you.. Its one of your best beat ever made! It already has 754 listen so far in my itunes! You are the best!! :3

  7. your new “nine diamond bubblee gum buy beats add lyrics ” talking shit iss annoying as hell i cant even get a feel for the beat cause that shit comes on like 5 times and the beats only 3mins long

  8. for some reason that tag sounds badass lol…reminds me of “finish him” from mortal kombat haha…dirty beat 9, great shit man

  9. what are the lyrics for the hook

    I Been On This Road A Long Time Now I Gotta Get Back To You(Whoaa)
    Nothing Can Change My Mind I Only Know I Want You
    It Feels Like Im Running In Circles Cycloning You Keep Running Away From Me
    Nobody Can Notice But I Just Cant Focus And I Want You Back I Need You Back To Me

  10. This Is By Far One Of Your Best Hook Beats, The Melody The Drums The Live Guitars Then Young Quis With That Hook Damn Nine I Love It

    And To The People Who Are Gonna Bitch About The Tags Heres The Solution Ahead Of Time To Save Us From Hearing You Complain

    Step One: Play The Beat

    Step Two: Decide If You Have What It Takes To Make It A Hit

    Step Three: Click Buy License

    Step Four: Download Untagged Beat

    Its Like Magic Its Tagged…..Now Its Untagged, And You Can Even Legally Selll Your Song!

    @semimoto, yezzird

    @Nine Diamond, EVERYONE BUY THIS BEAT!!!!!!!!!!

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