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No More Nightmares (With Hook)

May 03 2011 | BPM: 87 | Producer: Atomic Beats
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41 Feedback

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Smooth beat with uptempo drums, live electric guitars, and bass. Hook by Ashleigh Munn. Produced by Mart85 and Slavebell.

Genres: Pop, Urban

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41 Feedback to “No More Nightmares (With Hook)”

  1. G’day Atomic,
    This beat is one of my favourite you have made. Here is a link of a version I did to the beat. Would love to get your opinion on it.


    did my own song to thid beat i loivedit thanks atomic beats r dope

  4. Yo !man you made mah mind proud..!nice beat man..

  5. who should i give credit for the hook?

  6. Great Beat, love from Sydney,Australia
    Shadowville,Atomic,Mart85,Slavebell,Ashleigh Munn

    dont wanna sound cocky but it is what it is
    best version of tha song lol

    emre2k syd

  7. The latest music video to hit the web. Check it out.

  8. Keep it up homies you doing a good job

  9. can i used this beat

  10. this is a really sick beat. i actually think the tag you guys use is pretty tight. one of the least annoying ones…sum of ya’ll blow shit outta proportion and complain about the tags. if dudes didnt put tags on their beats, people would steal them. great beat. 5/5

  11. I recorded this track today with this beat, time to WAKE UP PEOPLE! BIG thx to Atomic Beats & Shadowville -

  12. Omg!!! Daymn atomic!! This beat so sick it shoud be laying on its death bed!!! Love it.. Watch my space on this one!! Great stuff man

  13. wow.
    good job!

  14. This beat is serious i would rate it a 12 out of ten. as I listen to beats I feel released. this beat make you think of some love mixed with knowledge and pain.

  15. was gona buy a download of ur beat who i am wit tha hook but wanted to kno if theres anyway u could add another 16 bars on the end of tha track so i could add another verse 2 it. dont really kno how to get in contact wit u besides this, appreciate a response thanks

    @m-rio, yes we can, pm us

  16. beat is awesome and her voice is ever better.. im diggin this one totally..

  17. Check out the mother’s day music video i made with a shadowville beat.

  18. this is perfect guys keep it up!

    @limitsmc, Thank you!

    Dok Holmes

    @tracxmarx, Yeah i already heard it on forum’s. Cool song, nice lyrics

  20. Man how much to buy the license of this song i have a number one hit and its a blow your mind song man

    @no name89, nvr mind i think you r about to get 299 big one out of me man no joke

  21. love the beat you guys are very talented!! i wanna buy the blanket copy so if i buy the blanket copy does it come untagged?? meaning does it come without your signature that comes on every 30 seconds??

    @leodeor, yeah don’t worry, if you get a blanket license, the tags are removed. and thank you, we’re glad you like the beat!

  22. I must admit you have a very slick groove, annoying as the tags are. Definitely a very talented guy.

    @youngziggy, Thank you. But its guys not “guy”. There is whole bunch of us…lol

  23. you making very good beats,
    can i have hook lyrics?

    @trip1212, thanks! the lyrics are:


    oh, I dream today cause I don’t need no nightmares


    I got bright lights, big cities when I get there
    I dream big I never show that I get scared
    And everynight I feel like I’m right there
    I dream now cause I don’t need no nightmares

  24. sux

  25. shit this is ONE OF the best hooks I’ve heard come out of svp producers arsenal… EXCELLENT work. This beat goes hard as hell.

    @element104954, Thank you!

  26. Funky as an old pair of sneakers in the attic.


    @lyr1x, Very cool friend. But this is not DaViglio. On the hook is Ashleigh Munn

    @Atomic Beats, thanx but oh no… i thought it was them… this is no good i cant change it now! ahhhh ell its ok it aint gna hurt nuthin lol im not mkin any money off it tho so its ok. thanx for lettin me know tho. hey hit me up tho maybe with a messsage im really interested in mabye makin sum kinda collab thing goin btwn me and you i love ur beats i sound good on them lol hit me up

    @lyr1x, Yeah shure. But when we’ll have time. We have no time for ish right now…lol

  28. Cool Hook

  29. Dope ass beat. Keep it up atomic.

    i love this beat can i used?

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